SS21 Collection: “New Age”
This Zen-like futuristic streetwear collection envisages the end of the world. The young generation has created their own culture and arts by turning old symbolisms and religions into their own. In addition to prints and embroidery, Lee has experimented with tie-dye this season to create unusually distinct patterns. There is often more than one way to wear an item because resources are limited and clothing may be seen as a necessity not fashion in the future. The collection is a reflection on freedom, democracy and climate change. 這個富禪意但又充滿未來感的街頭服系列,描繪了一個末日的設想。一群年輕人承傳古人,將古舊的圖騰和宗教代為屬於他們自己的文化和藝術。除了印花和刺繡外,設計師在今季還利用紮染創造出一些不常見而突出的圖案。同一件衣服的穿法可以不止一種,因為在未來,資源有限,人們會視衣服為必需品而非時裝。系列反映了自由、民主和氣候變化等社會議題。
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