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  • Aimeeyip


    blogging / design / hair-styling / illustration / makeup / photography / stylist

    I'm a jewelry designer graduated from the university of sydney. Design and making new jewlery is my personal hobby but not my job at the moment. I'm managing a medicine company at the moment. I'm looking for collaborate with other designers and companies.

  • angelica
    Creative Director


    art-direction / blogging / design / illustration / makeup / stylist

    Angelica Ma, Creative Director and Founder of the label. Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Fashion & Textile Design at the year 2015. Discovered by HKTDC –Fashionally with her graduate collection. She first gained attention on the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2015 when Ma was named one of the “Top 20 designers of the year”. Angelica launched her label JELLI in December 2016, focusing on womenswear collection. She shared creative vision pushes the limits of her unique sensibilities, creating collection with her tailoring and experimenting on silhouette and finest materials, yet refined sense of femininity, with bold aesthetic.

  • Hera Cheung
    Hera Cheung


    blogging / design / hair-styling / illustration / photography

    張曉霞 (Hera Cheung) 熱愛針織物,皆因在產品設計中,只要在技術上有些微的變化或選用不同粗幼的紗線足以令每款新設計滿載新鮮感和驚喜,使她熱切期待每款設計的完成品。她憑著針織系列「Artificial Invade」得到 2013 年「我最喜愛的 YDC 設計」獎後,便開始籌劃推出採用各種紗線的名貴針織衣物品牌,因為針織衣物無分季節地普及起來。「只此一件」的手織配飾系列也佔其個人品牌設計的重要席位。Hera首個個人春夏系列2014將於「香港時裝節 – 春夏系列」登場,她期待可開拓香港市場,並進軍歐美市場。

  • Krishna Kanaiya
    Krishna Kanaiya
    Makeup Artist/ Illustrator/ Animator


    illustration / makeup

    I am currently a student at the City University of Hong Kong studying creative media and animation. I do freelance work in illustration and makeup branching from fashion, commercial and special effects makeup and more. I have worked with brands such as VDL cosmetics, Molly cosmetics etc. I see makeup as an expressive and ever growing medium in a progressive industry that 'never sleeps', with trends and looks that consistently change...who can get bored of their job? Illustration is something i have grown up doing and will continue to brush up my skills in.

  • NNNL
    Fashion designer


    art-direction / design / illustration / stylist

    NNNL is the brand named after the designer and founder, Nevill Lee. Starting from the age of 13, Lee began constructing garments and designing, leading to advanced pattern making skills and high execution of clothing. Upon education in Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Kingston University London, the designer already had experiences from working for Paris fashion week collections, receiving online fashion media exposure, and attracting celebrity stylists. The quintessence of the brand is the theatricality and the high-end glamour. Being a fan of antique art and couture workmanship, NNNL is known for combining and reinventing elements of period costumes from different eras. The brand also challenges social constructs with gender fluid designs as a response to modern society’s new gender identities.

  • Tammilau
    fashion designer


    blogging / design / hair-styling / illustration / makeup / photography

    fashion designer

  • Yenniechan


    design / illustration

    Chan Yingyan is fashion design junior in Tokyo Mode Gakuen. In 2018, she focuses on creative design and Japan fashion contest. Compared with concept, she pays more attention to spiritual states and atmospheres. In creation, she tries to explore the relationship between chaos and tranquillity, and show their internal struggles through artworks.

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