Genic Eyewear
Genic Eyewear, a fashion eyewear brand found by London College of Fashion graduate Emily Tai in 2012, who brings forward the belief that the sense of art and design is inborn. Their eyeglasses are uni-sex, and for people of any age – for people interested in aesthetics and style also obsessed with detail but not to the point of compromising functionality. Fashion, photography, architecture, music, or beauty can be the source of inspiration for the brand.

Genic Eyewear as a specialist in the industry, they make nose pads a lot higher to suit Asians’ flat nose and it features retro shapes with flamboyant colours and patterns. Eyeglasses then become a fashion accessory more than a necessity.

Riding on its brand value, Genic began its eyewear-making workshop called “Make Your Own Glasses” in 2013, celebrating the individuality and uniqueness in everyone and promoting the craftsmanship of eyewear. Eyewear lovers can make eyewear for themselves by choosing the rim shape, the temple shape, the colour...let say every part of the glasses! It takes just a few hours with simple handy tools for the participants to wear their own eye-masterpiece home.

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