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  • RBRK
    Betty Lau


    配飾 / 男裝 / 女裝

    RBRK –2011年, 一個手袋工匠家庭裡的四兄弟姊妹為延續父母一生的心血和擁有自家品牌的夢想而創立的手袋品牌。RBRK是來自四兄弟姊妹的英文名字,分別為Rita, Betty, Rock和Kason。RBRK也同時代表4個人各自負責不同的崗位去發揮最大的圑隊精神。 RBRK的設計師-Betty在香港成長,並在美國紐約的Fashion Institute of Technology畢業。她十分熱愛在大城市生活, 而這些生活節奏急速的”城市女孩” 就啟發了她結合”中” “西” 文化作為品牌的創作靈感。RBRK希望帶給一眾大都會女性既時尚又實用的手袋的同時,亦可以配襯到不同的場合去讓她們突顯自己的個性。 RBRK的目標是承傳這工匠家族對手袋工業的熱誠作為品牌的核心價值,再利用他們在製作手袋上多年的高質經驗和時尚品味轉化到RBRK的產品上。RBRK希望帶給一眾大都會女性既時尚又實用的手袋的同時,亦可以配襯到不同的場合去讓她們突顯自己的個性。

  • Redemptive
    Wilson Choi



    REDEMPTIVE is a Hong Kong-based menswear label established in 2018, founded by WILSON CHOI. We define REDEMPTIVE as a group of rebellious teenagers that concerns the world and the society, “Fresh and distinctive, young and mature.” The brand enriched those fresh blood in this era that are brave seeking breakthroughs and pursuing freedom. The brand creative style is based on a rebellious young generation, inspiration mostly comes from social issues such as contemporary events. Designer loved to do reflection through creative work and brought out the unique story by the brand. "Emotions”, “Energy” and “Excitation” are the core values of REDEMPTIVE. We aim to express the emotions through our designs, import new and positive energy and excite all of your imagination, thus boost your momentum to explore new possibilities. Also, REDEMPTIVE is dedicated to researching and exploring the possibilities of high-tech fashion. At the same time, REDEMPTIVE aims to fuse the idea of sustainable development and social responsibility into our design. REDEMPTIVE the iconic silhouette dropped shoulder design symbolised invisible pull and resistance in growing-up. It stands for these new blood that bravely seeks to break through and pursues freedom. That also represented those adventurous Chinese teens trying hard to upstream in the era.



    配飾 / 女裝

    Handcraft accessories brand by Hong Kong designer Ah Yuen. After decade in fashion design literacy of MANIQUE, 2013 - Ah Yuen through her attainment in self-cultivation started Room13 for developing the wide range of handmade accessories and bags to enrich with customization + personalization enhancing the inborn handicraft ability to tailor made for individual customers. Inspired by unique monochromatic color palette to make up the androgynous aesthetics, modern Gothic style to create timeless fashion accessories & bags. From mystique elements of nature, origami art, freedom from abstract expressionism, spiritualism imagination and intuition from material biodiversity infusing with the unconventional miracle approach in products, blend with geometric and architectural structure make up the original creation and ingenious design to set a fashion. Passionate and adventurous inventing with ideology and culture is the main active metabolite of ROOM13byMANIQUE. Artisan handcrafted Handbags | Accessories | Objects Fascinated by the dark aesthetic

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