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In a world overrun with unprecedented challenges, creativity and youthful enthusiasm are more needed than ever to bring shine light on new possibilities. Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) 2020 debuted the first ever digital edition on 19 September to provide the flagship platform for the local young talents to showcase their collections and share design visions.

Online fashion show is a new medium that allows judges and global audiences to perceive the collections in a different setting other than a traditional catwalk. Out of 14 finalists, four winners were chosen to receive five awards by the panel of judges comprising industry professionals. With a balance of womenswear and menswear, from streetwear to edgier pieces, these designers together staged a spectacular showcase of the level of talents Hong Kong has to offer.

Visually and conceptually, the designers found inspirations from a diverse range of topics. From a personal memory, to social and environmental issues, to art and war, they have shown that beauty can take on many forms. Diversity, originality and a freewheeling spirit have sustained the growth of Hong Kong’s fashion industry and will continue to fuel its growth with the emergence of new talents.

Champion: Chan Tsz Chiu, Brian

“Floating Mindset”

Chan believed fashion industry is responsible for much pollution, so the he wanted to create a collection that promotes ocean conservation, which is visually inspired by floating debris and uses natural fibres only.

As the YDC Champion, Chan has been rewarded with cash prize of HK$60,000 and an overseas study trip sponsored by Fang Brothers Knitting Ltd.

Excellence Award & New Talent Award: Leung Hoi Kwan, Jacqueline

"The Blessed Kids"

Taking care of babies is the inspiration for this collection. The floral prints and tying of traditional baby carrier wraps are stylised to become design elements in this colourful, joyful and nostalgic collection.

Leung’s Excellence Award prize includes cash prize of HK$40,000 and a trip to visit Tomorrow Showroom in London offered by MINI HK.

As recipient of the New Talent Award, Leung has been received cash prize of HK$20,000 and will be developing a commercial version of this collection in collaboration with JOYCE to be made available for sale at the renowned retailer.

My Favourite Collection Award: Yip Wah Shui, York
YDC collaborated with Hysan Place to co-launch the new prize My Favourite Collection Award this year, with members of the public voting online between 12 August and 18 September for their favourite new design star in Hong Kong.

The idea for this collection comes from aliens coexisting on earth with humans. The designs combine 80s retrowave music and UFO-inspired graphics and silhouettes. The exaggerated fluorescents and shapes again hark back to the 80s.

As recipient of the My Favourite Collection Award, Yip has been rewarded with an e-Gift Coupon of HK$6,000 sponsored by Hysan Place.

Best Visual Presentation Award: Cheuk Kin Ting, Stephen
Another newly added award this year, this prize is to applaud the winner who can convey design concept, mood and identity strongly through presentation board.

"Hyakki Yagyō"
Inspired by the Japanese tale “Hyakki Yagyō” (night parade of a hundred demons), this collection is about the way to show existence which aims to give voice to the marginalised in society like ethnic minorities, the elderly and waste pickers.

As recipient of Best Visual Presentation Award, Cheuk has been rewarded with cash prize of HK$10,000.
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