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Make up & Hairstyle Highlight in FW23
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In the fashion world of Autumn/Winter 2023, makeup and hairstyles also play a critical role as one of the important fashion trends.

Eyeshadow has become a major highlight of this season's fashion shows. Unlike the dark eyeshadows commonly seen in usual Autumn/Winter collections, the makeup for Autumn/Winter 2023 has stepped out of the comfort zone, featuring metallic eyeshadow looks. Amid the retro trend, some classics have made a comeback in the fashion world, alongside newer trends or styles consistently loved by makeup artists and hairstylists. The intertwining of new and old has sparked new creativity, as already showcased in the earlier Fashionally Collection Autumn/Winter 2023 series.

We are continuing to explore the makeup and hairstyle trends for Autumn/Winter 2023 through my lens as a photographer and fashion editor!

"NO MAKEUP" Makeup
The trend of "NO MAKEUP" Makeup has continued from the previous Autumn/Winter fashion week to now, mainly featuring makeup looks close to bare-faced. Foundation that follows the skin's texture to bring out a natural glow, highlighting the skin's original texture, making the overall atmosphere incredibly fresh and presenting a clean and neat appearance.

Fluffy Brows
Without excessive embellishment, naturally dense, wild eyebrows are undoubtedly a highlight of this year’s make-up trends. By placing the emphasis on the eyebrows and combining it with nearly bare-face makeup, it creates an impression of clean makeup, while maintaining a sense of natural boldness.

Metallic Makeup
Incorporating emotive silver eyeshadow into the makeup look, the conspicuous glitter texture illuminates the entire makeup, making it retro yet avant-garde.


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Buzz Cut
With the return of the retro trend, the buzz cut hairstyle has once again been welcomed by the fashion world. With a buzz cut, the entire hair length is uniform for a handsome look, that’s very masculine.

Middle-Parted Wavy Hair
Recently, medium-length hair has also become a hot trend. Middle-parted medium-length hair is very on-trend, and when made wavy, the hairstyle can appear more voluminous and natural.

Wet Hair Look
The all back wet hair style has always been a favourite of hairstylists, and this year is no exception. Combining slicked-back wet hair with a ponytail braid is arguably one of the most common presentations.

Braids And High Braids
Twisted braids continue to be one of the most prominent hairstyle trends for Spring/Summer 2023. Apart from tying braids in a ponytail, twisted braids can also be styled in various ways.

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