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Tokyo native Hiromichi Ochiai, founder of neo-urban brand FACETASM, served as the VIP Judge for YDC in 2016. Known for a streamlined version of the avant-garde, FACETASM respects the traditions of fashion while simultaneously avoiding rules and conformity.

This year Ochiai returned to Hong Kong to showcase FACETASM’s SS 2019 collection on the runway at CENTRESTAGE. He shared the ideas behind his latest collection, his vision for fashion and support for Hong Kong’s young designers with FASHIONALLY.


H: Hiromichi Ochiai

Hiromichi Ochiai

F: Please share with us the concept of your latest collection

H: The theme is “together”. I questioned myself: what’s the point in classifying the world by the old codes, or why do we divide the world by the conventional rules for the sake of convenience? I really don’t know. I often find the same beauty between two extremes. I always embrace different feelings that are never incompatible. I can’t always agree with the system of classification for someone I don’t know once set. 

If you try to find a reason there, there wouldn’t always be an explicit answer, because the world always has some contradictions, complexity and irrationality. I don't see the point in trying to give an explicit and intricate meaning to the ambiguity. Beyond conventional categorisations or rules, or in between the lines, maybe I can find the place for the work to fit in. So let’s not try to spell out the obscurities, but put together anything you like with no rules or reason. That’s how we put together this collection.

F: What took you to Hong Kong to showcase your new collection, two years after you served as the VIP judge for YDC 2016?

H: It has been eight years since I.T bought FACETASM and it was the first one to buy FACETASM internationally. Hong Kong has been a very important city for us since then, and that’s the major reason that we decided to show our new collection in Hong Kong.

F: Have you kept an eye on YDC designers? What’s your thought on Hong Kong’s young designers?

H: I’m looking forward to Kenneth’s (the winner of YDC in 2016) future as a friend. I hope a lot of other talented designers show up from Hong Kong.

F: Streetwear is now more prominent in luxury fashion than ever. What’s your advice to young designers on balancing street style and high fashion to maintain a unique design/brand aesthetic?

H: To not distinguish, or categorise. If you think too much about the mix of street and high-end that everyone is talking about, you’ll not be able to express yourself. If that’s the thing you want to express, then there is no problem.

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