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Launched in 2016 by Sun Lam, SUN=SEN makes a strong first impression. Her seemingly whimsical designs belie the amount of workmanship that goes into creating these colourful, standout pieces.

“Usually high street fashion has very simple silhouettes and printed graphics. But I want to do something unexpected and playful, with a lot of collages and weird pairings,” said the designer. Indeed, SUN=SEN is designed for young women seeking fun and surprises in what they wear every day. Fun is ingrained in its aesthetic, as is a melange of textures and colours.

Sun graduated from the University of Southampton with a Master of Arts in Fashion Design in 2015. Afterwards she interned with several independent UK designers until she was chosen as a finalist at the iD Dunedin International Emerging Designer Award 2016 in New Zealand, and was subsequently approached by a UK fashion platform. She then took the leap and launched her first collection, which she sold online.

Sun Lam

She is now joined by her brother Stony Lam who takes care of the business side of things. Family plays a big role in Sun’s career since her family runs a fabric and clothing business so she grew up in a world of clothes, and has her own workshop in Zhongshan, where her collections are produced.

“Having my own workshop is the only way that my label is feasible because there is so much handiwork. It is otherwise very hard to control the quality of the collages and the cost would be too high,” Sun explained.

SUN=SEN’s SS 2019 collection is entitled “Ge Ge Wonderland”. Ge Ge, is a princess from the Ching Dynasty. The collection shows a sense of wonder and loss as if a displaced princess is thrown into an old Hong Kong neighbourhood.

The label was showcased at Paris Fashion Week by the Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) at a presentation and cocktail party in February. “We received very good feedback and the showroom there is willing to continue to promote for us, hooking us up with the media, social media influencers and buyers. So even though we haven’t gotten any orders yet, it’s a good start,” said Stony.

SUN=SEN is a womenswear label but some of the designs also appeal to men, such as the oversized hoodies, which feature interesting details not usually seen in menswear. Sun has additionally developed a series of baseball caps with an attached visor, which the siblings hope will act as a foot in the door to select fashion boutiques.

“This is the third year that we’re launching this cap and this time we are collaborating with the Design Gallery. We realised that it’s easier for select shops to include an accessory like this in their shop rather than a whole collection, which may not be compatible with their overall style,” explained Stony.

Currently SUN=SEN is sold at Novelty Lane in Hong Kong, some select shops in Shanghai, Korea, and the US. The designs are also available to purchase at the brand’s website.

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