MINI x YDC Anniversary Collection
to celebrate the 60 years of MINI
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MINI, the British carmaker who is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, has teamed up with ex-YDC designers for the “MINI x YDC Anniversary Collection” to produce a ground-breaking collection.

Known for its British design and high level of customisation, MINI celebrated its 60th anniversary in spectacular style at this year’s Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) with an unusual fashion presentation to give audiences a taste of how the renowned automotive brand can inspire the creation of functional yet creative clothing. 

The fashion show featured 14 ex-YDC designers, who were tasked with designing two outfits each inspired by three eras starting with the swinging 60s. The New MINI CLUBMAN also made its debut on stage at the show.

The “MINI x YDC Anniversary Collection” will be displayed at the MINI showroom in Tsuen Wan from 13 September to 8 October. Limited time - come and visit now!
Address: 2nd Floor, Sime Darby House, 380 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan

Heritage: 1960s - 1970s

First launched in 1959, MINI is a quintessential British design icon that represents a stylish urban experience. From the racetrack to the London suburbs, MINI is the chameleon that fits in its surroundings seamlessly. YDC designers took inspirations from MINI from the 60s to 70s and gave them a new interpretation.

SFZ & SON’s (designer: Sonic Lam) workwear outfits are inspired by rock music and mods, which are incorporated into details of the clothing. The red and blue stripes of the jacket are taken from the signature Union Jack motif of MINI.

The first generation of MINI in the 60s sets the foundation for classic car design, which also inspires FromClothingOf (designer: Shirley Wong) to develop this anniversary collection that features MINI’s classic red and blue combined with stripes representing MINI’s logo, while fusing her own signature silhouettes. 

ARTO.’s (designer: Arto Wong) knitwear dresses in dark navy offer a striking canvas for the iconic colours of MINI – red and green. She has incorporated the 60s A-line silhouette and eye-catching patterns into her garments. 

Charlotte Ng Studio (designer: Charlotte Ng) takes inspiration from the first MINI that became the champion of Monte Carlo GP over Porsche in 1964, including the cherry colour, contrast trimming and silver details. The sheer pleated chiffon represents the car’s speed and elegance. 

Novelty: 1980s-1990s

Enthusiasts in the 80s regarded their MINI as a cultural icon and a high functioning, quality vehicle for the daily commute. Bold design and unconventional fabrics are used by YDC designers to embody the playfulness of the era.

The all-black collection by NECRO POON (designer: Necro Poon) incorporates 80s and 90s British fashion hits, such as trench coats and boiler suits, with a modern touch to mix and match with millennial streetwear. He also created a MINI x NECRO POON logo scarf for this collaboration. 

The racing suit-inspired collection by FROM ANOTHER PLANETS (designer: Kenax Leung) echoes the design characteristics of the MINI of this era. The pieces are unisex with playful details, such as the Union Jack colour blocking motif and padded shoulders. 

112 mountainyam (designer: Mountain Yam) has created a colourful collection to celebrate the wonderful journey of life, one that you can take in a MINI. The patterns and cutting are filled with the cheerful vibe of the 80s. 

YEUNG CHIN (designer: Yeung Chin) has created a punk collection inspired by the MINI of the 80s and 90s. The silhouette echoes the structure of the cars including detachable sleeves and see-through layers, which are highlighted in metallic green and red. 

YMDH (designer: Jason Lee) conveys 80s youth power by combining Oriental and streetwear styles with military elements to emphasise the pursuit of excellence, just like MINI. This playful collection uses unconventional fabrics like nylon to create interesting contrasts while remaining practical.

Advancement: 2000s

By using premium materials and developing cutting-edge technology, MINI remained committed to innovation as the new century began. YDC designers apply a structural silhouette and distinctive stitching in their MINI x YDC Anniversary Collection as a nod to the past while looking to the future.

DEMO’s (designer: Derek Chan) futuristic designs feature shiny and semi-transparent silvery fabrics to create smooth curves and lightness, just like a modern MINI. Chan’s signature style is to incorporate feminine materials into menswear, symbolising open-mindedness and optimism for the future.

FAKE FAN’s (designer: Nelson Leung & Kurt Ho) collection combines fashion and the art of automobile, incorporating the silhouette of MINI into streetwear, and bringing athleisure luxe to the next level. Meanwhile, the MINI logo becomes the motif on the sleeves of a jacket. 

Lapeewee (designer: Yannes Wong) is inspired by the colour of MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 and traditional Tibetan costume details. The collection is simple, exquisite and innovative, with the elongated lines of Tibetan robes. 

Inspired by MINI’s modern racing affiliation, KEVIN HO (designer: Kevin Ho) expresses this through the use of iconic MINI colours with streamlined seam lines. There is the MINI signature red top stitching detail along the neckline, a perforated skirt with pattern taken from the MINI hexagon grill, and a jacket embroidered with MINI logo.

HARRISON WONG’s (designer: Harrison Wong) futuristic sportswear collection features neon green and shiny metallic fabrics, highlighted with lines inspired by the silhouette of the modern MINI car. 

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