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| YDC 2023 |
The grand finale of the CENTRESTAGE was the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2023 (YDC), where 10 Hong Kong designers showcased inspiration and creativity in their collections, adopting a variety of styles. Their performance was in line with the Everything is Inspiration theme this year and highlighted the infinite possibilities Hong Kong's fashion-design industry presents.

| The Heavyweight Judging Panel | 
This year's YDC featured a prestigious panel of judges comprising esteemed figures from the fashion industry and media. The heavyweight judging panel included Katherine Fang, Chairlady of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council's Garment Advisory Committee, who served as the Chief Judge. Other guest judges included Han Chong, Founder and Creative Director of self-portrait; Yu Masui, a Fashion Journalist and Digital Content Creator; Victoria Tang-Owen, Founder and Creative Director of Thirty30 Creative and Victoria Tang Studio; Jonathan Lee, a brand strategy consultant; Cherry Mui, Fashion Director of Tatler Asia; and Jimmy Chan, APAC Head of Commercial at Goxip Group.

| Fusion of Fashion and Music | 
MINI Hong Kong continues its partnership as lead sponsor for the seventh consecutive year. MINI Hong Kong collaborated with Wilson Yip. His design brand, Wilsonkaki Spring/Summer 2024 "Traces of Life" collection showcased the MINI’s incorporation of sustainability, love and inclusivity. The latest collection showcased at Tokyo Fashion Week. The Hertz appearance on stage with two special editions, the Resolute Edition and Edition 37, of the MINI ELECTRIC, and performed their new song live for the first time on the runway of Wilsonkaki Spring/Summer 2024 collection.



| Champion and Best Visual Presentation Award |
Jason Ying graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia two years ago and has been working for a year to perfect his skills in pattern marking and sewing. He is obsessed with structure and form and has incorporated his curiosity for deconstruction and metamorphosis into his creations. In his exploration and imagination of the differences between humans and other species, he attempts to construct the diversity of evolution by using silhouettes, detailed joints and colours. Describing his win, he said: “It's so amazing. I still can't believe it. It feels like I'm in a dream. I want to keep working hard but still need to think about what the next step will be.”

| Excellence Award |
Fashion designer Johnson Chong constantly reflects on and cherishes the time spent with his mother as he grew up and expresses his love for her through his creations. These pieces are not functional outdoor clothing as one might imagine, but reflect his personal experiences and memories, which are projected on the design details and fabric choices. They showcase the inseparable emotional bond between mother and child while highlighting the joy of motherhood.

| My Favourite Collection Award |
Tiger Chung’s collection sheds light on the mystic aura of the East and the Tibetan religion. Inspired by the traditional Chinese ghost story The Painted Skin, the designer has combined traditional craftsmanship with sustainable fashion techniques such as using processed animal bones and buttons made with clay in embroidery. It presents an anti-fashion aesthetic, going against the opulence and elegance of mainstream fashion.

You can also check out the full version and highlights of the YDC contest day on the FASHIONALLY YouTube channel.


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