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We invited Kieran Ho, Senior Vice President, Hong Kong, Purple PR, to style his favourite looks of FASHIONALLY Collection #16 and share his insights on new trends

Tell us about the outfit you chose from FASHIONALLY Collection #16?
I chose DEMO because I’ve always been interested in this brand and have followed its development for several years. I like the designer because he is very knowledgeable about materials and knows how to mix and match them. For example, this top uses a very shiny fabric, and he’s matched it with buttons that are individually different like pearls, metals and plastic. This is an example of how well he can mix and match.

I’ve chosen a jacket with a very classic silhouette, but the details are unique like the tassels. In addition, I picked an item from another look in the collection. The sleeves are the same material as the jacket. This tone-on-tone styling creates something very unexpected.

How can we mix and match these items daily?
The body and sleeves of this top can be separated, so it is definitely an easy item to mix and match. While the sleeves might look exaggerated, you only need to tone it down with a simple cotton shirt, T-shirt or even a vest. Then it becomes a look that you can wear any day.

The jacket’s shiny material is very special, and there are also luxurious details. It can enhance the overall styling and make the upper body stand out.

What are the highlights of F/W 21 for menswear and womenswear respectively?
This season for both menswear and womenswear, the common trend is comfort, with many oversized silhouettes and the use of very soft materials. There aren’t many restrictive designs.

When it comes to comfort, we often assume it means dressing sloppily. But even if it looks comfortable, you can add the right accessories, like hard and chunky metal chains, to contrast with the softer materials. You can also accessorise with shiny materials or leather, or wear a pair of long buckled boots, to bring an edge to the whole look.

What trends will be a big hit next season?
Regardless of the season, the most important thing that I feel should become a trend is confidence and self-love. We wear clothes to boost our emotions and improve our appearance, so fashion should ultimately make people happy regardless of time or season.

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