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We invited Calvin Wong, Fashion Editor at JET Magazine, to style his favourite looks of FASHIONALLY Collection #16 and share his insights on new trends

Tell us about the outfits you chose from FASHIONALLY Collection #16?
The denim outfit comes from from YMDH. I started following designer Jason Lee when he took part in YDC in 2017 and noticed that he’s since regularly produced denim items. I like his designs because they are not simply street fashion, but have always incorporated elements of forgotten local culture in just the right way.

For skinny people like me, the biggest issue with buying a shirt is not the design, but that it makes them look even more skinny or taller than they are. So fabric and tailoring come before design. I think this is something that will resonate with other skinny people. I’ve always liked YMDH’s street style because it’s oversized and can cover up well. The shoulder design of this white shirt has the effect of broadening the shoulders. The jeans come with a waistband, which is suitable for waists of 24 inches right up to 38 inches. When they are worn by skinny people, there are no annoying wrinkles around the waist. While the clothes are loosely tailored and oversized, you don’t feel that they are ill fitting.

How can we mix and match these items daily?
Denim is an everyday item and can be matched with any style. Denim vests can be worn with T-shirts, shirts and sweaters or under the jacket to create layers. The most noteworthy piece is the white shirt, which you can wear as an ordinary shirt or a shirt jacket. The sleeves can be detached to turn it into a vest while the detached sleeves can be used as accessories and worn outside.

What are the highlights of F/W 21 for menswear and womenswear respectively?
This season, the spotlight falls on the collaboration between Gucci and Balenciaga, both top brands under the Kering Group. This type of collaboration is unprecedented and quite baffling, but you may say it’s not unreasonable for Balenciaga. Usually these collaborations are between brands with different market segments, such as Gucci x The North Face or Off White x Nike, so they are not direct competitors but can complement each other. Gucci x Balenciaga is as bewildering as Nike x Converse or iPhone x Samsung.

What trends will be a big hit next season?
Since the beginning of the pandemic, fashion trends seem to have dissipated because you can no longer see the same style or elements among different brands as clearly as before. The pandemic has greatly affected sales because we are not going out as much or not in the mood to go out, and traveling has been greatly reduced. Brands are paying more attention to durability and practicality, thereby reducing pollution and extending the lifecycle of clothes. So now I think it’s about direction rather than trends, and the direction going forward for the fashion industry is sustainable development, which has been quite obvious since 2020. Whether it’s to enhance brand image or a real business strategy, at least this important issue is now on the agenda.

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