FASHIONALLY Presentation - MODEMENT AW2018 Collection

Fashion plays

A new concept debuted this year at Hong Kong Fashion Week, where designers were given sole creative control to present their brand and ideas in a standalone presentation that crosses over to the realm of theatre.


Three Hong Kong designers were invited to take up a slot to decorate the intimate stage to their liking, and put up an unconventional fashion show/play around the unique set. Visually and conceptually different, these stories presented their latest collections in all their glory while offering a rare glimpse into the designers’ creative journeys.



Through MODEMENT, Aries Sin crafts a unique unisex style by using minimal cutting and unconventional silhouettes. She is strongly influenced by the multi-faceted culture of Hong Kong, from the diverse city landscape to local food stores. It is important to MODEMENT that every single piece of clothing carries meaning of its own that should inspire the wearer.


In the Book of Genesis, God created heaven and earth and called the light “day,” and the darkness “night.” He is the master painter that uses the sky as a canvas. Inspired by the very different lights she saw during her travels in Europe, in the presentation Sin recreated the changing sky from dawn till dusk. The clothes, which are rich in impressionist colours and handcrafted details, are intended to be appreciated like paintings.

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