FASHIONALLY Presentation Highlights


FASHIONALLY Presentations at CENTRESTAGE give designers the chance to tell their brand stories, with ex-YDC winners Charlotte Ng, Kurt Ho, Nelson Leung and Sonic Lam the featured designers for 2019.

Every year at CENTRESTAGE, designers are given the opportunity to stage a fashion presentation in a space where the audience can appreciate the designs up close, while they can create unique settings to tell their brand stories and showcase their latest collections.


Set in a familiar office setting, CHARLOTTE NG STUDIO’s presentation demonstrates how looking great is not an impediment to being strong. Women can work on a desk in front of the computer, but they are also capable of physical tasks, as evidenced by the huge boxes piled up in the office. The idea for the collection is that women are versatile and strong, even if they wear feminine clothes.

Charlotte Ng calls her SS 2020 collection a “fe-mannish” one because it combines feminine and masculine styles. She is inspired by professional Hong Kong women in senior positions who remain very elegant and feminine. They are also capable of being very physical and her designs will show this duality by combining contradicting styles in each outfit – asymmetric cuts, bows on shirting fabrics, juxtaposing sheer on opaque, partially pleated skirts – and so on.

The season’s colours are rusty orange, military green, cobalt blue and black, all conveying a sense of strength while the looks are office attire dotted with playful details that again, reflect a thoroughly modern feminine character that embodies toughness and flamboyance.

Designer: Charlotte Ng

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FAKE FAN’s debut collection is inspired by Hong Kong cinema in the 70s and 80s, including Kung Fu movies, police dramas and Stephen Chow comedies. The presentation, titled “Full House”, is set in an old cinema, with models watching a “movie” filled with messages that reflect the designers’ thoughts on the world today, be that comedic, sarcastic or serious. 

This streetwear collection is colourful and quirky, including a dress that is an inverted tank top. The oversized canvas jacket in bright colours can go with any outfit. “Anything goes” seems to be the mantra when it comes to colours. Graphics play a big role in this collection, whether printed, sewn or embroidered. The items are largely unisex and allow for countless mix and match possibilities.

Designer: Nelson Leung, Kurt Ho

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SFZ & SON is a workwear label designed by Sonic Lam for his Start From Zero teammates. These carpenters and builders need functional, durable clothing with plenty of pockets and specially designed bags to carry tools.

The style is relaxed and American, but Lam has added traditional Chinese elements to reflect Hong Kong culture. As it turned out, matching traditional Chinese prints with workers’ overalls has become a new aesthetic in SFZ & SON’s latest collection.

Being a workwear collection, khaki, indigo and denim are indispensable but Lam has managed to enrich the visuals with a variety of patterns – stripes, checks, Hawaiian prints – as well as pops of coral. Patchwork jackets in denim, with his and her versions, are a cool attempt to create a more formal look for added versatility.

Wearing their smart workwear, the SFZ & SON team showed off their skills during the presentation by building a house in a matter of minutes, establishing them as a talented team able to take on different creative tasks.

Designer: Sonic Lam

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