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Fall 2017-18 Macro Theme – The New Modernist
The growth of the loungewear sector is redefining the ready-to-wear market as consumers seek to introduce an element of comfort into their professional wardrobes. The challenge for designers today is to create transitional pieces that harmonise comfort with style.

Today, we invite Trendstop’s team of experts to bring us a key theme that will be impacting the fashion landscape for Fall 2017. You will be inspired by the 4 essential elements of the trend that can enhance your next collection.

The New Modernist

As loungewear becomes a key influence, comfort dressing is elevated into the contemporary daywear arena. The_New_Modernist imbues relaxed casuals with a confident formal edge and a heightened sense of power through multi-tasking pieces that make the transition from work to leisure. Juxtapositions of light and dark, refinement and rustic, softness and structure, highlight the importance of fashion as a multi-sensory medium.
Trend takeaway: Transitional pieces connect with changing consumer lifestyles.

Celine Fall Winter 2015-16
The New Modernist - Colour and Print
A sophisticated palette brings cooling pales and warming neutrals together. Icy pastels and creamy pearl tones gain added depth from darker hues of inky teal and rosewood while maintaining their transseasonal freshness. Prints inspired by the works of artist Steve Bishop and still life photographer Carl Kleiner illustrate a subdued take on the colour-blocking trend with soft-edged shapes and gradient effects that blur the lines of angular geometrics.
Trend takeaway: Colours and prints fuse wear-ability with statement qualities.
The New Modernist - Surface and Materials
The use of innovative materials emphasises the The_New_Modernist’s contemporary aspect. Appearances can be deceptive, soft and malleable fabrications convey a rough-to-touch quality that blends durability with luxury. Technical and performance elements contrast with the raw tactility of natural fibres and skins, creating conceptual hybrid materials and enabling new constructional possibilities.
Trend takeaway: Innovative and unexpected use of materials creates consumer excitement.
Ports 1961 Fall Winter 2016-17
The New Modernist - Apparel and Accessories

A fusion of weekend loungewear and power tailoring, The_New_Modernist centres around silhouette-conscious shapes that compliment the female form.Clean, flowing lines and subtle cocooning have a sleek modernity that redefines and refines the lounge aesthetic. Footwear and accessories combine subtle rusticity with polished structure as architectural heels sharpen softened uppers and clean silhouettes are finished with handcrafted detailing.
Trend takeaway: Softened minimalism brings a new modernity to loungewear inspired pieces.

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