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FASHIONALLY launched its first "PHYGITAL SHOW", allowing global audiences to enjoy the live performance featuring the Spring/Summer 2021 collections of 9 up-and-coming Hong Kong fashion designers and witness the era of digital fashion!

FASHIONALLY’s show at CENTRESTAGE has provided a platform for emerging Hong Kong talents to showcase their creativity to the local community and beyond. The FASHIONALLY Collection #15 pointed at a bright future for the city’s next generation, who played with vivid colours, tailoring and layered looks for next season.


SS21 Collection: “New Age”
This Zen-like futuristic streetwear collection envisages the end of the world. The young generation has created their own culture and arts by turning old symbolisms and religions into their own. In addition to prints and embroidery, Lee has experimented with tie-dye this season to create unusually distinct patterns. There is often more than one way to wear an item because resources are limited and clothing may be seen as a necessity not fashion in the future. The collection is a reflection on freedom, democracy and climate change.

Designer’s Pick: Tops that can be turned into very practical bags at will.

About the Brand
Designer: Jason Lee
Stockists: OKURA (Central & K11MUSEA), phenotypesetter, foreforehead, Novelty Lane

Charlotte Ng Studio

SS21 Collection: “Rock
The shapes, textures and colours of different types of rocks inspired this collection. Each rock is unique just like every woman, and Ng believes that everyone should be free to be themselves and celebrate their individuality. Irregular ruffles, big eyelets, leather belts and metal zips come together to make this a diverse collection ripe for mix and match.

Designer’s Pick: Green irregular ruffled skirt, with a fluid silhouette and big eyelet as a design detail. Orange leather pocket belt is another item with great styling potential.

About the Brand
Designer: Charlotte Ng
Stockists: Novelty Lane, WHO AM I



SS21 Collection: “Breathe In, Breathe Out.”

This is a collection that exudes summer vibes. In the midst of the pandemic, many people have headed outdoors to enjoy the summer breeze. This is what inspires Wong and she hopes to encourage others to do the same. The collection features the designer’s drawings of the sky and flowers, with a palette of blue, green, white and yellow evoking nature. Around 25 per cent of the collection’s materials are recycled polyester a light, bright and environmental-friendly fabric. Sustainability is a concept the designer has increasingly incorporated into her brand story.

Designer’s Pick: Summer scene knitted polo shirt. This brightly coloured polo shirt, featuring the sky and a sea of flowers, has a relaxed fit that is great for mix and match.

About the Brand
Designer: Arto Wong
 3NY (New York), Tannir (Middle East)


SS21 Collection: “If You Fail, Start From Zero”
This season, the designer is inspired by their work ethic, as they are not afraid to go back to the beginning and start all over again when they are stuck. The main graphic is a cat with four arms holding different kinds of tools. Each season is always a continuation of the previous so Lam is able to continue tweaking the designs for maximum comfort and style. The colours are richer, with more details and accessories added and the brand identity more pronounced.

Designer’s Pick: The overall, now in its third generation. Lam has taken feedback from his teammates to address comfort and style and added rubber bands at the back so that the overalls feel lighter and more comfortable.

About the Brand

 Sonic Lam


Tak L.

Season IV: “Proem”
Tak Lee continues to explore the possibilities offered by a unique heritage fabric: wild silk. The fabric’s unique paper-like texture and characteristics create a lot of character in the final product but some challenges for the designer. This season, Lee also explores different plant dyes, using fleece flower root, chestnut shell, prickly pear and Tung tree leaves. The fabric also changes colour as it is aged and worn. Combining a natural and crafty aesthetic, painstaking R&D and deconstructivist cutting, Lee has created a strong brand identity after four seasons.

Designer’s Pick: Patchwork dress made with wild silk, common silk and jersey. It is great for layering for all seasons. The limited fabric width of wild silk means that the designer has to get creative with the way it is used, like patchwork in this case.

About the Brand
 Tak Lee

Stockists: Fangsuo Commune, EXCEPTION de MIXMIND, INNER, HCH


SS21 Collection: “Vein”
Kevin Ho’s brand philosophy is to create a personal statement of modern beauty. This season, the intricate handiwork of wire-wrapped jewellery provides the visual reference. Ho is inspired by the rich detailing, patterns and colours of these precious items, which he incorporates into evening wear, including a dress that features his own watercolour painting of marble patterns. Beads, ribbons, lace and eyelets contribute to this visual feast that celebrates handicraft.

Designer’s Pick: Viscose violet suit with metal buttons that is powerful yet practical. “Water-Colour” red and violet blazer, an eye-catching yet wearable item.

About the Brand
Designer: Kevin Ho

 Lauder Luxuries (Beijing),


SS21 Collection: “Explore out of the 
Visual World”
Eighteenth century Baroque meets modern formal wear is Lapeewee’s inspiration for its latest season. Wong has taken elements from Baroque costume, such as the corset, laces and butterfly knots and incorporated them into unusual places such as the sleeves and collars. There is power and softness in her designs, with a sombre palette of black, grey and deep red juxtaposed with more feminine Baroque details.

Designer’s Pick: Hand drawn prints sheer white dress, accessorised with a suiting fabric scarf.

About the Brand
 Yannes Wong

Stockists: Amelie Street, bell, Novelty Lane, K-11 Select, www.pinkoi.comElegance In Closet (Shenzhen)


SS21 Collection: “FromClo(T)hingOf”
This is the first time that t-shirts have become the main focus for Fromclothingof. Wong contemplates the value of clothing and wants to create pieces that are hard-wearing and much needed. The t-shirts feature collages of deconstructed and reconstructed images using different materials. The idea is to create unique designs that represent the brand while offering versatile items for mix and match.

Designer’s Pick: Patchwork t-shirt dresses and unconventional t-shirts.

About the Brand
 Shirley Wong

Stockists:, Shine


Collection: “The Unfadable Fades”
The fourth season of REDEMPTIVE is about familial love. Inspired by old photographs of his grandfather, Choi offers up his observations about life and gives sportswear a retro update, combining corduroy, wool and leather with sporty nylon fabrics while playing with new cuttings like a dropped shoulder. This design is a metaphor for the invisible pull and resistance facing young people as they yearn for freedom and reflects how REDEMPTIVE is keen to address social issues.

Designer’s Pick: Checked wool long jacket, which the collar can be detached and become a hat or scarf. Multiple ways of wearing an item is a signature of REDEMPTIVE.

About the Brand
 Wilson Choi

 onefifteen (Taipei)

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