To spotlight Hong Kong’s designer talent, FASHIONALLY will present “FASHIONALLY Collection #14” on 4 September during CENTRESTAGE featuring Spring/ Summer 2020 Collections from total 8 local fashion designer labels.


Designer: Yannes Wong
Email: info.lapeewee@gmail.com
Website:  www.lapeewee.com

Hong Kong: Amelie Street, Novelty Lane, bell
Shenzhen: Elegance In Closet
Online: www.pinkoi.com

Yannes Wong graduated from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers and founded Lapeewee in 2013 to express her creativity through intricate details and meticulous, exquisite finishing. To Wong, fashion is an attitude. This is reflected in her designs, where clean cut looks and A-line dresses embody a strong femininity. The use of fabric collages gives each outfit a more textured feel and sense of playfulness. It strikes a perfect balance between strong and gentle–what femininity is about.

Inspired by Tibetan architecture, which is in turn influenced by Indian and Nepali traditions, Lapeewee’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection “Herd” features saturated shades of red, black and mustard combined with rich textures and decorative details. The elongated lines of Tibetan robes will be reflected in this season’s suiting, which are paired with a lot of pleats.
Designer: Necro Poon
Email: necro@necropoon.com
Website: www.necropoon.com

Hong Kong: D-Mop, Wagamama Playground, Novelty Lane
Mainland China: Guangzhou: The Fashion Door, K11, Mall of the World; Suzhou Eslite; Beijing: JIHE; Shanghai: Xintiandi D-PROJECT
Taipei: GEM GEM
Online: www.istyleup.com 

Contemporary Daywear winner of YDC 2015, Necro Poon established his eponymous label and was invited to join the DONT WALK Fashion Show in the UK in the same year, gaining considerable international attention. His unisex and menswear designs often embrace social and political themes, which are expressed through prints and embroidery. Poon believes that clothing should be wearable and comfortable, so he is keen to experiment with technical materials. In Hong Kong, NECRO POON has its own flagship store in The One, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Titled “Be Water, My Friend”, the NECRO POON Spring/Summer 2020 collection wants to express the softness of water and its ability to adapt to all kinds of situations and environments. The famous Bruce Lee saying, which has recently become the motto of many Hong Kongers, encourages people to fight for freedom and democracy. Poon believes his responsibilities as a designer are to observe and document this through fashion. Using denim and functional fabrics, this practical collection targets the urban explorer with quick dry, water-resistant, breathable, and super lightweight qualities.
Designer: Shirley Wong
Email: fromclothingof@hotmail.com   
Website: www.fromclothingof.com

Hong Kong: Amelie Street, Novelty Lane
Online: www.pinkoi.com

Shirley Wong was a costume designer for television and film before establishing FromClothingOf in 2015 with a mission to upend conventional ideas about women’s fashion. The name “FromClothingOf” comes from “Exlibris”, meaning “from library of”, i.e. my book. This refers to women claiming authority on how they dress. The designs are meticulously tailored and structured, characterised by layering and fine details that bring out a powerful yet feminine style.

This Spring/Summer 2020 collection “Perfectly Imperfect” is about losers and is inspired by the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis”, which is a story of a folk singer’s elusive quest to find success. Wong believes that life with regrets also has beauty, which is reflected in the irregular cuts and half-finished pieces from the collection. Lightweight suiting fabrics and cotton are combined with mesh and silk organza to create voluminous layers.

Designer: Derek Chan
Email: info@demo-fashion.com
Website: www.demo-fashion.com

Harvey Nichols Hong Kong (Landmark & Pacific Place)
Shenzhen: The Fashion Door K11, The Fashion Door Eslite Spectrum, The Fashion Door Shenguotou Square
Beijing: Magmode

Classical mens' and womens' garments have always been the main source of inspiration at DEMO. “Contemporary” and “Classic” are the DNA of DEMO, striking a delicate balance between the freedom of contemporary fashion and the traditions of classical styles. DEMO rejects the complex rules assigned to men's fashion while preserving a nostalgic classic look.

Inspired by the Cantonese opera “Death of a Princess”, DEMO’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection, “Fragrance Fade”, reimagines this poetic love story in a modern setting. Tweeds and lace, traditionally seen as feminine materials, are skilfully cut to convey a soft masculinity. Distressed tweeds, faded colours and washed denim are symbolic of the story’s sad ending.


Designer: Arto Wong
Email: info@artoofficial.com
Website: www.artoofficial.com

Arto Wong graduated with a BA in Fashion and Textiles Design and Knitwear Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She was crowned champion and secured the New Talent Award at YDC 2017. The following year, she launched her namesake label and won the CreateSmart Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award from Hong Kong Design Centre. Her design breaks out of traditional knitwear styles and shapes, pushing the boundaries of knitwear by experimenting with new techniques and material combinations.

Titled “Life Always Like this”, ARTO.’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is inspired by the exploration of life and emotions. Life’s unpredictability can make people feel lost, tense and stressed. But these unknowns also make life interesting and exciting. There is no fate but the possibility of unlimited growth. To express this cycle of life, the collection employs a loose-fitting silhouette and different tying details.


Designer: Jason Lee
Email: youmakedaddyhappy@ymdhstudio.com
Website: www.ymdhstudio.com

Stockist: OKURA, phenotypsetter, ITC STORE

A fashion graduate of the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), Jason Lee won the “Best Footwear Design Award” at YDC 2017, after which he launched a capsule collection with renowned Hong Kong retailer i.t. Since establishing YMDH – which stands for You Make Daddy Happy – in 2018, Lee has been guiding his brand with a sense of individuality, interweaving street fashion with historical symbols to redefine contemporary urban styles. The brand essence rests on the journey of searching for infinite possibilities and novelties on the street, positioning itself as an audacious explorer.

Titled “I Don’t Want to Grow Up”, YMDH’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection takes on the viewpoint of a baby fighting against growing up for fear of losing his innocence and creativity. It combines YMDH’s new oriental and streetwear style with military elements to emphasise the idea of fighting. Unlike military wear, however, this playful collection uses baby-friendly fabrics like linen, cotton, nylon and denim to create interesting contrasts.


Designer: Kevin Ho
Email: info@kevinho.com.hk
Website: www.kevinho.com.hk

Beijing: Lauder Luxuries
Online: www.istyleup.com

Kevin Ho graduated from London College of Fashion, majoring in Womenswear. Winner of the Young Designer Contest 2015 Party & Eveningwear Group in 2015, he was subsequently invited by PARCO Japan to participate in the Asia Fashion Collection held during the Tokyo, New York and Taiwan Fashion Weeks. His namesake label, KEVIN HO, was launched in 2015. It embraces designs fused with power and delicacy, creating statement pieces that combine structural silhouettes and distinctive textiles. He was awarded Design of The Year in 2017 from Hong Kong Fashion Council. His atypical craftsmanship delivers a cutting edge aesthetic for modern women.

Titled “Vividness”, Ho's latest collection features his signature collages, colour blocking and figure-hugging silhouette, but he has also added abstract prints to give the designs a softer edge. For the past few seasons, he has created some iconic head-to-toe looks, and now he is giving them a new dimension that allows for more room for mix-n-match. Moving towards ready-to-wear, the visuals are still impactful, with juxtaposing prints and textured jacquards, while playing with cutting and geometric details.

Tak L.

Designer: Tak Lee
Email: info@taklee.studio
Website: http://www.taklee.studio

Stockist: Fang Suo, Mix Mind

Tak Lee has launched his eponymous label Tak L. based in Hong Kong. The brand has an aesthetic of refinement that is subtle and innate. His works have a strong connection with form and construction while exploring innovative sewing and craft techniques. Working with natural fibres, the label favours cotton, linen, silk and wool to present their raw qualities. While looking for alternative forms, Lee’s approach is to cut and make clothes differently to achieve distinctive silhouettes and structures. The designer intends to not only portray the pure idea of garment form but also transcend it a nd evoke a quiet and effortless sense of poetry.

For its third season, the brand follows the same approach, integrating a stream of consciousness and deconstruction into the design. It has also collaborated with Chinese brand “EXCEPTION de MIXMIND”, exploring new techniques such as plant-based block printing and tie dyeing, plus tea-dyeing and other novel processes. With a distinct deconstructive outlook, it is an exploration and tribute to nature and crafts. A variety of materials is used including Lushan silk, traditionally handmade but can now be machine-made to retain largely the same extraordinary rugged texture. The fabrics are all plant-dyed to illustrate the beauty of nature.

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