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FASHIONALLY - #EditorPicks | By Gumbi Siu
#EditorPicks | By Gumbi Siu
HOMEFEATURES ▸ #EditorPicks | By Gumbi Siu

Gumbi's Pick :

One of the most appealing aspects of fashion styling is the ability to change and become the ideal version of oneself according to personal preferences and personality. The process is full of surprises, and I particularly enjoy expressing my style and storytelling through colour mixing.

Ivy League style has always been associated with an elegant, refined aesthetic. This season, many brands have embraced this element, such as Miu Miu, KENZO, Ralph Lauren, and AMI. However, Kowloon City Boy takes inspiration from the dishevelled appearance of a mischievous student in an untidy school uniform, bringing a fresh definition to Ivy Style. I particularly love the worn-out and decadent details in this collection. The V-neck plaid knit sweater I'm wearing not only has a unique colour scheme but also incorporates many distressed holes and loose white threads, injecting a youthful and rebellious fashion vibe into the sweater. To complement this piece, I layer it with a dark striped shirt and a red diamond-patterned tie for a vintage feel.

I chose a pair of washed purple denim shorts as bottoms, incorporating a Y2K element – red socks and silver trainers – as accents to give the outfit a more streetwear-inspired and personalised touch. To add more dimension to the look, one can opt for a deep blue wool overcoat, creating a refreshing take on the Ivy League style.

YMDH has always been a fashion brand known for its playful and whimsical style, and its clothing exudes a sense of humorous fashion. This season, the brand adopts the theme of "Life Is A Game" to satirise the fact that many people live in a fictionalised simulation of life through fashion. In this collection, apart from the continuation of loose silhouettes, the brand also showcases its expertise in collage and deconstruction aesthetics. Just like the oversized collage hoodie I'm wearing, it combines elements of a T-shirt, hoodie, and denim shirt, adorned with badges as decoration, creating a rich texture and visual effect that truly embodies the brand's unique style.

To complement the texture of the top, I chose a pair of denim pants with long strap details as bottoms. At the same time, I incorporated trendy biker elements into the look, such as a black metal belt, leather gloves, and studded choker to infuse the outfit with a rebellious streetwear vibe.


Make-up & Photo: JESS YUNG

Gumbi Siu
Senior Editor of MILK Magazine

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