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We picked the brains of fashion editors from major fashion publications who style their favourite looks, share their thoughts on Hong Kong designers and reveal their take on the latest trends

We invited Simon Au, Senior Fashion Editor of Ming Pao Weekly, to style his favourite looks off the phygital runway of FASHIONALLY Collection #15 while sharing his insights on new fashion trends that have arisen out of the pandemic experience and voicing his support for Hong Kong designers.

Can you tell us about your looks and what you love about them?
I love black, white and gray, and this time I’ve tried two new styles. One is REDEMPTIVE’s sportswear, which is evolved from retro sports style. The all-black short-sleeved top with a bright yellow drop shoulder enhances the playfulness without being too fancy, while the black pants embellished with turquoise lines are very on trend.

The second look features streetwear look – a sweater from YMDH. It is a layered summer look, but is surprisingly comfortable and nice, and it does not feel sticky at all when you wear it outside. I personally feel that while you can wear the sweater and the vest together, you can also wear the vest alone which is simple and evergreen. This is the true spirit of mix and match.


What are the major trends for Spring/Summer 2021?
SS21 is all about mix and match. You will see oversized t-shirts underneath cropped jackets or sweaters, with good proportions and diverse styling. The design is often simple and colourful. Due to the pandemic, people may feel uneasy and are in no mood to wear something too complex whether at home or when they go out. So simplicity and comfort are the top priorities. There will be more colours to cheer people up, with bolder choices such as colour blocking or unexpected combinations like red and green, green and yellow and yellow and orange. Designers want to make people happy through the clothes they wear.

What does supporting local fashion designers mean to you?
I was born and bred here and love Hong Kong very much. As a part of the Hong Kong fashion industry, I naturally want to help young designers develop their careers. When I first started working, I didn’t know much about the industry but was very enthusiastic. And I was fortunate to receive help from my seniors and colleagues who gave me the opportunity to grow and learn. Now that I’m somewhat established in my career, I want to offer my help to new designers with potential because I know they really need opportunities and exposure. I want to try my best to help these young designers.

As a fashion editor, I have the opportunity to interview people from different places, but I enjoy speaking with Hong Kong designers and want to spend more time communicating with them. I know that many of them have original ideas that are worthy of our time and attention.

My advice to Hong Kong designers is to learn how to express and package their visions. This is very important. As long as you have a passion, you will always find support.

I think Hong Kong designers don’t need to emphasise too much that they’re a Hong Kong brand, since design is for everyone in the world. As a fashion editor, I don’t want people to think that only foreign brands are good, because there are good designs everywhere. Hong Kong designers will be appreciated as long as they represent quality.

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