A new angle to admire the best of YDC 2019
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The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) actively promotes the stars of the future by providing a platform for new local talents to gain global exposure. The YDC 2019 drew to a successful close on 7 September, becoming a new milestone for the 16 finalists. YDC believes that challenging oneself is especially important for young designers. Apart from the stage, this year's show programme was also a platform for various creative minds to shine. Let's recap the collections of 16 YDC 2019 finalists in a completely different angle that will blow your mind!

Creative Director & Designer: Katol @WET PAINT & CO.
Art Director for Photography: Rachel Wong
Photographer: Rachel Wong, assisted by Harold Lau
Set Designer: Rachel Wong and Jojo Li, assisted by Jennifer Lam, Yofan Fan, Amina Ma and Gloria So
Stylist: Rachel Wong, assisted by Bernice Lo and Gladys Pin
Hair Stylist: Jonathan Chung @Chic PRIVATE i SALON
Narration: Cyrus Lamprecht and Rachel Wong
Makeup: Christy Wong, Ken Ip, Shirley Wong and Yennes Chung @NARS

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