SS21 Collection: “The Unfadable Fades”
The fourth season of REDEMPTIVE is about familial love. Inspired by old photographs of his grandfather, Choi offers up his observations about life and gives sportswear a retro update, combining corduroy, wool and leather with sporty nylon fabrics while playing with new cuttings like a dropped shoulder. This design is a metaphor for the invisible pull and resistance facing young people as they yearn for freedom and reflects how REDEMPTIVE is keen to address social issues.REDEMPTIVE的第四個系列,描述的是親情。從外祖父的舊照片得到啟發,Wilson透過設計道出年輕人對生活的觀察,同時又給運動服進行了一個復古的更新。他將燈芯絨、羊毛和皮革與運動尼龍物料結合,同時加入了新剪裁,當中包括「落肩設計」 — REDEMPTIVE是擁抱社會議題的品牌,這個設計隱喻了年輕人渴望自由,在成長時所面臨的無形拉扯和抵抗。
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