SS21 Collection: “Explore out of the Visual World”
Eighteenth century Baroque meets modern formal wear is Lapeewee’s inspiration for its latest season. Wong has taken elements from Baroque costume, such as the corset, laces and butterfly knots and incorporated them into unusual places such as the sleeves and collars. There is power and softness in her designs, with a sombre palette of black, grey and deep red juxtaposed with more feminine Baroque details.今季Lapeewee的靈感來自18世紀的巴洛克式風格。設計師將巴洛克式服裝中的緊身胸衣、絲帶和蝴蝶結等元素用在出奇不意的地方,例如衫袖和衣領上。 一如品牌的慣常風格,她的設計充滿女性力量同時不失溫柔。黑灰和深紅的暗色色調與女性化的巴洛克式細節相輔相成。
La Peewee
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