SS21 Collection: “Vein”
Kevin Ho’s brand philosophy is to create a personal statement of modern beauty. This season, the intricate handiwork of wire-wrapped jewellery provides the visual reference. Ho is inspired by the rich detailing, patterns and colours of these precious items, which he incorporates into evening wear, including a dress that features his own watercolour painting of marble patterns. Beads, ribbons, lace and eyelets contribute to this visual feast that celebrates handicraft.「現代美感的個人宣言」是KEVIN HO的品牌哲學。這個季度,設計師取材於素繁綫藝首飾這種精緻手工藝。他將這些珍品的豐富細節、圖案和色彩融入到晚裝設計中,當中一件連身裙,印有設計師自畫的大理石圖案水彩畫。珠片、絲帶、蕾絲和大眼孔等豐富的設計細節,一起構成了這個推崇工藝的視覺盛宴。
Kevin Ho
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