Season IV: “Proem”
Tak Lee continues to explore the possibilities offered by a unique heritage fabric: wild silk. The fabric’s unique paper-like texture and characteristics create a lot of character in the final product but some challenges for the designer. This season, Lee also explores different plant dyes, using fleece flower root, chestnut shell, prickly pear and Tung tree leaves. The fabric also changes colour as it is aged and worn. Combining a natural and crafty aesthetic, painstaking R&D and deconstructivity cutting, Lee has created a strong brand identity after four seasons.Tak Lee繼續深度探索柞蠶絲這種傳統物料的各種可能性。柞蠶絲擁有如紙張的質感,它的特質為產品構成獨特性,但也給設計師帶來各種挑戰。在這個季度,Tak Lee利用何首烏、板栗殼、刺梨子、油桐樹葉等植物染料處理柞蠶絲,更有趣的是,它會隨着歲月而改變顏色。取材大自然和工藝的美學,加上深耕研發和解構主義的剪裁,為Tak L.在擁出四個系列後建立了鮮明的品牌形象。
Tak Lee
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