SS21 Collection: “If You Fail, Start From Zero”
This season, the designer is inspired by their work ethic, as they are not afraid to go back to the beginning and start all over again when they are stuck. The main graphic is a cat with four arms holding different kinds of tools. Each season is always a continuation of the previous so Lam is able to continue tweaking the designs for maximum comfort and style. The colours are richer, with more details and accessories added and the brand identity more pronounced. Sonic發現隊友們在工作過程中,如遇到困難,會毫不猶豫回到起點重新開始。今季的主要圖案是一隻多手貓,四隻手握著各種工具。因為每個系列都是上季的延續,因此Sonic可以不斷改良設計,除了變得更有型,更會不斷提高舒適度。今次的作品顏色比上一季更豐富,並加入了更多細節和配飾,完整地呈現品牌的形象。
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