Spring/Summer 2020
Its debut collection is inspired by Hong Kong cinema in the ‘70s and ‘80s, including action movies, police dramas and Stephen Chow comedies. Their FASHIONALLY Presentation is set in an old cinema, with models watching a “movie” filled with messages that reflect the designers’ thoughts on the world today, which can be comedic, serious or anything in between. Fake Fan的首個系列靈感來自70和80年代的香港電影,例如武打、警匪片和周星馳的喜劇。今次FASHIONALLY Presentation的場景是舊電影院,模特兒是觀眾,銀幕放映的是設計師對當今社會的一些想法,可能無厘頭,可能是有寓意,貼地地以時裝反映世界。
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