Spring/Summer 2020
The debut collection from Ng is titled “Fem-mannish”, referring to its combination of feminine and masculine styles. The designer believes that Hong Kong women can be in high-powered positions yet still remain elegant and feminine while also capable of being very physical. The collection shows this duality combining two very different looks in one outfit. Ng’s FASHIONALLY Presentation is set in an office where women are working on different tasks, including some physical ones that show their versatility and strength. 品牌首個發佈系列(SS20)稱為“Fem-mannish”,因為它結合了女性和男性風格。設計師認為香港女性可以身處高位,但仍然非常優雅和女性化,同時又可勝任需要體力的工作。設計展現了這種雙重性格,同一套衫會有兩面,表現兩種截然不同的特質。 Charlotte的FASHIONALLY Presentation場景是一個辦公室,女士們在做不同的工作,甚至體力勞動也難不到她們,凸顯她們的能力與力量。
Charlotte Ng Studio
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