Spring/Summer 2020
For its third season, the brand follows the same approach, integrating a stream of consciousness and deconstruction into the design. It has also collaborated with Chinese brand “EXCEPTION de MIXMIND”, exploring new techniques such as plant-based block printing and tie dyeing, plus tea-dyeing and other novel processes. With a distinct deconstructive outlook, it is an exploration and tribute to nature and crafts. A variety of materials is used including Lushan silk, traditionally handmade but can now be machine-made to retain largely the same extraordinary rugged texture. The fabrics are all plant-dyed to illustrate the beauty of nature. Tak L.的第三季度,在風格上貫徹品牌一向作風,把意識和解構主義的手法融入創作中,並與中國原創文化品牌 “例外EXCEPTION de MIXMIND”合作,開發植物拓印、植物紮染、茶染、炒色等工藝。在強烈的解構性外觀下蘊含著對大自然與手工藝的探索和尊重。新系列由多種素材組成,當中有極致手工質感的魯山絲綢,透過模仿手工綢的編織技術開發。布料透過植物染配上不同工藝染色,呈現了自然萬物的美好。
Tak Lee
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