Spring/Summer 2020
Titled “Life Always Like this”, ARTO.’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is inspired by the exploration of life and emotions. Life’s unpredictability can make people feel lost, tense and stressed. But these unknowns also make life interesting and exciting. There is no fate but the possibility of unlimited growth. To express this cycle of life, the collection employs a loose-fitting silhouette and different tying details. ARTO. SS20系列“Life Always Likes this”靈感源自於對生活的探索,得出一種跟情感相處過後的感覺。生活上的種種變數,令人覺得無所適從。緊張,壓力,伴隨而來。但正正是這些未知數,才令生活變得有趣刺激。人生沒有一成不變的注定,卻有無限發展的可能。為表現這種交替循環,系列運用鬆身的剪裁,以及捆綁的設計細節。
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