FW19 Collection
THAT MOMENT 這一刻 Flowers are one of the ultimate symbols of beauty. From seed to flower, the waiting time can be long, but it is always worth the wait. The ARTO. Fall/Winter 2019 collection “THAT MOMENT” sets out to chronicle this amazing process of growing beauty. As with her debut season last year, Wong explores different knitting techniques and graphics to create flower shapes. “In this world, each flower is unique, so every one I make is different. There are different sizes, and different ruffles for the petals,” she said. Using premium Japanese polyester mixed with wool, the silhouette is voluminous but the clothes are still lightweight. It is an expensive material but one that is practical, as it does not shrink and is very durable. 花被視為美的象徵。從種子到開花,等待的時間很漫長,但卻是值得等待的。 ARTO. 2019秋冬系列“THAT MOMENT”紀錄的就是這個令人驚艷的成長過程。 就像去年推出的首個系列一樣,Arto研究創新的針織技術,以造出花朵的形狀。她說:「世上每朵花都是獨一無二,所以我造的每一朵花都會不同。有不同的大小,不同的褶邊也會造出不同的花瓣。」 使用優質日本人造纖維混合羊毛,整體線條是誇張的,但衣服仍然輕盈。Arto選用這種昂貴的物料,主要是由於它的實用性,不會縮水並且非常耐用。
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