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  • Aciderazer

    www.aciderazer.com A C I D E R A Z E R is a fashion arts label found in 2015, based in Hong Kong. We create wearable arts for daily life including contemporary fashion and custom-made tattoo design, to explore the world and learn from the history, hence, we tell every little story. Inspired by traditional Asia culture and worldwide sub-culture, we are giving a sense of being natural and unique, constructing our life with free and simple mind.

  • Agnes Wong
    Agnes Wong

    YDC 2009 Finalist

  • Aimeeyip


    blogging / design / hair-styling / illustration / makeup / photography / stylist

    I'm a jewelry designer graduated from the university of sydney. Design and making new jewlery is my personal hobby but not my job at the moment. I'm managing a medicine company at the moment. I'm looking for collaborate with other designers and companies.

  • Alize Lam
    Alize Lam

    YDC 2009 Finalist

  • Amy Tam
    Amy Tam



    YDC 2011 Finalist Own Brand - DerHimmel/ EGO

  • Andreia Grilo
  • angelica
    Creative Director


    art-direction / blogging / design / illustration / makeup / stylist

    Angelica Ma, Creative Director and Founder of the label. Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Fashion & Textile Design at the year 2015. Discovered by HKTDC –Fashionally with her graduate collection. She first gained attention on the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2015 when Ma was named one of the “Top 20 designers of the year”. Angelica launched her label JELLI in December 2016, focusing on womenswear collection. She shared creative vision pushes the limits of her unique sensibilities, creating collection with her tailoring and experimenting on silhouette and finest materials, yet refined sense of femininity, with bold aesthetic.

  • Anki Cheung
    Anki Cheung



    Currently working in Japan, Anki Cheung makes a fateful connection with the country after being crowned the Overall Champion at YDC 2010, she went on to study in the United Kingdom and Japan. Meanwhile, she designed a collection featuring blooming flowers that won the second-running up at the 86th edition of SO-EN Fashion Design Award hosted by Nippon's leading fashion magazine, SO-EN. As a devotee of Japanese art culture, she chose to settle in the country where she has established the luxury ready-to-wear label SWANZI, a coinage she devised from the combination of English SWAN and Japanese ZI, meaning a beautiful swan in boyish style. SWANZI manifests vintage techniques with a contemporary twist to create a sophisticated and confident look for women. SWANZI collections are now sold at N12H The Luxe Urbanite in Central and Owada-cho in Fukui-shi Fukui Japan. At Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 this July, her upcoming SWANZI collection will be a continuation of her modernized classic aesthetic with a unisex touch.

  • Anki Ng
    Anki Ng

  • Archelmis

    Archelmis started his journey in the industry at very early age. With the experience of working in a fashion life-style magazine. He was involved in different areas, ‘creative direction, fashion styling, and trend analysis’. Meeting with designers and celebrities. He started develop and explore his career into a Fashion stylist and writer.



    art-direction / design / stylist

    Aries Sin, the founder of MODEMENT, before she earned her Higher Diploma of Fashion Design and Product Development from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) in 2008, she was already a fashion design enthusiast recognized by the sector over a number of scholarships and awards. Some of which had offered her valuable overseas working experience such as Peclers Paris. In 2013, she was awarded by “Perspective magazine” as the Next Generation of Design Talent - 40 under 40, and bronze award of “Design for Asia Award 2013”. Over the years, Aries’ unique unisex collections have been the favorites of J Alexander, is an American reality television personality and runway coach best known for his work on America's Next Top Model; local artists such as Miriam Yeung, Candy Lo, Denise Ho, Andy Hui, Endy Chow and Ellen Loo. Besides, Aries was supported by Joyce Boutique, which is well-know famous in fashion industry, had a temporary pop-up shop. Besides Fashion, she was also invited by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, designed and produced art-piece for a 6-month exhibition. Neat and clean silhouette are always the core in Aries’ design, these styles attracted the famous local brand - Giordano for crossover project, and shopping mall – wtc more for art installation and uniform design.

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