Effie Hung
The designer label Effie Hung was founded in 2015 by Effie Hung. After dedicating about 10 years working for few luxury Fashion Brands, Effie Hung launched her own independent fashion label, Effie Hung.
The label is a journey of exploring the possibility of finding harmony between two extreme; when technology meets art, when classic twist with modernity, conceptual meets wearable aesthetic, architectural with softness. Her woman is free, energetic, and intelligent. Her definition of sexiness is intellectual sexiness. Youthful sprite, affordability and wearability are essential to the label.
Effie Hung was a dedicated reader and had a strong interest in art in her childhood. She studied Fashion Design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University graduated with First Class Honors. She won Winner of Party wear Category in the Hong Kong Young Design Contest by TDC and Second Runner Up, Fur Design Competition in 2006. She gained William T.L. Yao Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Y.K. Ching Traveling Scholarship and Koo’s Fashion Scholarship during her studied in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
She first worked for designer label, Alice Wong and Lorolana, where she is used to design silk dresses and knitwear. Then she joined Guy Laroche to design full range collection for greater china market. In 2010, she worked for Italian brand Anteprima, where she was responsible for the knitwear line. After she worked for Moiselle International as Chief Designer of knitwear line for 3 of their in house brand Moiselle, mademoiselle, Germain, she decided to launch her brand.
The Brand’s signature style is a cross between high-end sporty and natural feminine, minimal and luxury element, structural and softness. The designer dedicates to quality and comfort yet accessible. These clean, luxury sports designs offer a chic, uptown girl image that allows women on the move to be spontaneous and feminine.
More excitement is expecting to come.

設計師品牌 Effie Hung, 由時裝設計師 Effie Hung 於2015年創立。曾在行內為數個奢侈品牌、國際品牌工作達9 年,她後來決定創立獨立品牌。
Effie Hung 的設計是一場探索之旅,設計師善用對比原素,在兩極之中尋找和諧的可能性;在新科投發展高速的步伐中找尋與藝術的融洽點;經典中找尋與時尚的火花;概念與可穿美感並存;建築學的結構與柔和剛柔並濟; 她的女性是思想自由、有活力和有才智的一群。她對女性性感的詮譯是充滿才智所展現的吸引力。年輕感、可穿性和容易負擔是品牌的定位之一。
Effie Hung自少便對閱讀和藝術產生濃厚興趣,這些基本上是她童年時的娛樂。她於香港理工大學時裝設計系取得一級榮譽生畢業,並於在學期間贏得多個時裝比賽獎項及獎學金,包括貿易發展局的青年時裝設計家創作表演賽派對服組冠軍、皮草設計比賽季軍、William T.L. Yao Memorial 獎學金, Dr. Y.K. Ching旅遊獎學金and Koo’s 時裝獎學金等。
畢業後曾於設計師品牌Alice Wong 和 Lorolana 工作,以設計真絲裙和針織為主; 其後加入法國品牌Guy Laroche負責整系設計,主要針對大中華區市場;於2010年她加入意大利品牌Anteprima 主力負責針織系列設計。她後來在Moiselle International 做首席設計師,為旗下三個品牌Moiselle, mademoiselle, Germain設計針織系列,之後她便創立了獨立品牌。

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