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  • i-am-chen
    ZHI Chen


    Kidswear / Womenswear

    i-am-chen strives to combine knitting technology and fashion, using unconventional yarns to challenge and reinterpret the definition of knitwear, especially that of "fluffy" garment. i-am-chen aims to minimize handcraft and to achieve mass production of complex and intricate knitwear. i-am-chen does not play with deep design philosophy, but simply tries to deliver the fun and lighthearted emotions with its simple, smart and playful design bolstered by masterful color combinations.

  • Ika Butoni
    Ika Butoni



    Ika Butoni is for the dynamic and active women of the 21st century, on the go from morning to evening, looking gorgeously presentable for all occasions. Women look outstanding and impeccable professional at all times, either in or out of boardrooms, running errands from business meetings, cocktail functions to evening parties, gaining their composure from Ika outfit and still feel comfortably themselves in each moment.

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