Make it Possible Smash

Upholding the brand concept to be positive and optimistic _ Vo-yage got inspiration from the voyage and made the theme of SS24 collection as "Make it Possible Smash". Applying green and earth tones as the main colours to express a belief that facing difficulties bravely on the voyage to see the possibilities. With a new vintage style, the collection mixes new fabrics, leftover fabrics and second-hand clothes as the materials, and designed a series of knitting-based, non seasonal and timeless items. He hopes to reduce waste, and highlight that it’s not necessary to use all the latest new fabrics. Using something old or leftover material can also create beautiful works.

Vo-yage will partner with a local brand, Stay At Home, to design accessories. At the same time, the designer would like to participate in some internships in Sweden or the UK to learn more about sustainable fashion. He hopes that more sustainable elements will be added in the coming season and new collections will be designed with the reconstruction technique .

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