Poems Hidden in Light and Shadow

REDEMPTIVE’s FW 23 collection focuses on Fashion with Technology, replacing traditional printing with laser cutting to present torn traces on fabrics and creating a destructive aesthetic of contradiction and conflict. The collection combines two different textures of fabrics using seamless double-sided bonding technology. The concept of breaking the traditional single form of clothing is continued, with the same garment presenting two or more different forms. The designer cleverly uses the disassembly details of the zipper to fuse different elements, such as the design of the double-layer collar of the coat, which can be disassembled into a scarf, and the hat can be turned into a waist bag. This gives wearers more freedom and possibilities in their outfits, fully realising the concept of “one garment, multiple wears”.

REDEMPTIVE|FW23|Poems Hidden in Light and Shadow
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