About Us
What is
What is
We are a non-profit website operated by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council with the sole purpose and responsibility of championing Hong Kong’s young designers.

Their success is our priority.
‘The voice of Hong Kong’s young fashion designers.’
-Kieran Ho, Fashion Stylist
At a time when Hong Kong’s youth are facing their greatest challenges, we are here to support them and bring them closer toward achieving their goals and dreams.

We believe in Hong Kong’s youth. We believe in their creativity. We believe in their talent. But that, however, simply is not enough.

'It is where you find the hidden gems.'
-Novelty Lane, local shop
We want the world to know that Hong Kong can cultivate designers determined on influencing and enriching the global fashion industry.
‘Walk the Dream’
-Ning Lau, Founder of digital platform whoAREinvited
‘Hong Kong’s Fashion Square.’
-Harrison Wong, Fashion Designer
‘Expanding your knowledge of Hong Kong fashion.’
-Arthur Tam, Reporter and Editor
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