YDC 2018: Rising stars steal the limelight
The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) 2018 came to a spectacular close on 8 September, in a celebration of youthful talent, diversity and alternative visions.Led by VIP judge designer Martine Rose, who flew in from the UK for the event, the panel of judges – comprised of renowned industry personalities – had a difficult decision to make, given the level of talent on display. Out of 16 finalists, four winners were eventually chosen to receive five awards, but the experience itself was rewarding for all. The finalists presented drastically different aesthetics and design visions, with youthful fearlessness the only common thread. There were plenty of experimentations on fabrics, deconstructive cutting and sewing and knitting techniques, resulting in 16 collections difficult to typecast.Chan’s menswear collection aims to revive the spirit of the German movement ‘Wandervögel’, which embraces nature and freedom as an antidote to hecti...
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Fashion Giant Speaks: Martine Rose
By Divia Harilela, D'VineLast weekend a panel of expert judges, including British designer Martine Rose, came together to crown the winner of the Hong Kong Young Designers’ Contest (YDC) 2018. Leo Chan, designer of Wandervögel, took home top prize for his futuristic collection of men’s wear, which immediately caught the eye of Rose, who happens to be one of industry’s hottest men’s wear designers.When Rose founded her label in 2007, her approach was far from mainstream. Her shows were unconventional and ranged from installations and short films to showings at indoor markets and rock climbing walls. Then there were her somewhat extreme collections which experimented with notions of masculinity, traditional workwear and subcultures.“I am not sure I have a singular vision, I have themes I want to explore and my expression is through the lens of men’s wear. I hope when people pick up my clothes they get more than a product. I always want t...
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By Divia Harilela, D'VineTen of Hong Kong’s emerging designers came together to present their Spring/Summer 2019 collections at the FASHIONALLY show earlier this week. They proposed a multitude of looks for next season ranging from avant-garde and sporty to feminine and sexy, all the while injecting a fresh spin on perennial summer trends including florals, denim and transparency.Two of the strongest collections in the bunch came from London College of Fashion graduate Kevin Ho and former YDC winner Necro Poon. KEVIN HO’s pared down collection included tailored blazers, waistcoats and trousers, which were accented by soft ruffles, folds of fabric or asymmetric hemlines. A stark white cocktail dress became a statement piece with its colourful rose embellishments.In contrast, NECRO POON experimented with a more casual sporty look that centred around streetwear favourites such as sweatshirts – they were emblazoned with Roy Lichtenstein-style prints - and lightly-coloured...
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Three FASHIONALLY Presentations were held during CENTRESTAGE to offer guests first look at the latest collections by three up-and-coming designer labels, and their full-fledged visions.Rather than a traditional runway, the presentations took place on a set, giving the designers the freedom to create a story that best served their collections. Guests were treated to an intimate look at the designs, enabling them to take in the choice of fabrics and workmanship at close range.Tak Lee believes in the connection between form and construction and explores innovative sewing and craft techniques through his eponymous label. Using mainly natural fibres, his first collection “Season I” is an expression of clothing as an artistic embodiment of human sensation and history.Inspired by an architect’s work on war-torn buildings, he uses draping and deconstruction to create unusual items with radical shapes. The neutral colour palette reflects the use of organic dyes such as teas an...
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JOYCE spotlights the new local talent
A knitwear collection inspired by tiny molecules has secured Arto Wong a place in Hong Kong’s fashion mecca, JOYCE.Seeing their designs on the racks of JOYCE is a dream for many up-and-coming designers. YDC 2017 champion Arto Wong has fulfilled this ambition after being selected by JOYCE for a special collaboration that allows her newly launched label ARTO. to be sold at the renowned retailer. A knitwear designer by training, she is not a follower of trends but likes to develop from a single concept. Her new label will explore the fascinating possibilities of knitwear.“Everything in the world is formed by molecules. This process is so powerful that I was inspired to create a collection with big volumes and silhouettes, and strong visuals.” she says.Experimenting with knitwear techniques, Wong has delivered a collection with striking layers, volume and compelling visual appeal. Michael Mok, General Merchandise Manager of JOYCE, selected her as winner of the New Talent ...
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    YDC 2018
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    YDC 2018 Behind the Scenes
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    MINI x YDC SS19 Fashion Gear Night
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    FASHIONALLY Collection #12
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    FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #8 & #9 Behind The Scene
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    Yannes Wong - Lapeewee
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    Aries Sin, MODEMENT
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    We Are Ready ! YDC 2016
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Kurt Ho
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    I'm Designer pop-up store
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    The Making of Fashionally Fashion Film #1
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    FASHIONALLY Fashion Film #1
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    FASHIONALLY Fashion Film #1 Official Trailer
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    fashionally 4.0
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    YDC 2015 After Show Party
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    YDC2015 highlight 2.0
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    YDC2015 Show Highlight
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    M.A.C. Makeup Demo - Ground Zero runway makeup
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    M.A.C. Makeup Demo - YDC 2015
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    'Talents Bouncing' by who ARE invited
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    FASHIONALLY Community Tutorial Video (Chinese)
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    香港電台 <香港衝線> 設計我的時裝路 2014-02-24
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    Ji Lili @ Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2014 - Highlight
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    Vivienne Westwood S/S 2014 Fashion Show
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    Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014 Preview
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    SPY Henry Lau: Street Sophistication
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    Fashion in Blossom: Calla
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    Iberian by Design: Amaya Arzuaga
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    Luxury Dadaism: Masha Ma at Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza .
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    In Search of Fashion Genes
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    The HK Fashion Map
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    FASHIONALLY Collection Show #2
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    YDC 2013 - FASHIONALLY design & community
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    The Making of - World Boutique, HK 2013 promotional images
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    YDC 2013 Backstage
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    YDC 2013 - Interview of designers
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    YDC2013 Aftershow Party highlight
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    YDC2013 Ex-Winner Interview
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2013 Highlight
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    Aganovich: Modern Nomads
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    The designs of London’s Holly Fulton are set to dazzle at the 2013
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    Beijing Designer Zhang Chi
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    Johanna Ho: Hong Kong Design Edge
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    YDC x FASHIONALLY.com Exhibition
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    Interview with YDC 2012 Winners
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    Backstage with Janice Man @ Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer's Contest 2012
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    Highlight - Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2012
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    Highlight - Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2012
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2012- backstage with finalists
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    Backstage Preview - YDC 2012
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