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Anki Cheung, the blooming fashion talent

Anki Cheung, the blooming fashion talent


One’s collection being forever young like a blooming flower, is all a designer can ask for. Hong Kong designer Anki Cheung, graduated from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education; won the Overall Winner of the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest in 2010; and pursued her study in England and Japan, shone a light in the just finished So-en Fashion Design Award, a major contest in Japan organized by So-en, the most leading fashion magazine of the country.


Anki got second runner up in the 86th So-en Fashion Design Award. By connecting numerous transparent parts, she presented the beauty of “An artificial flower which will never wilt” while the piece looks just like snowflakes all over it. Anki connects each of the flowery pieces with metal parts, reflecting the coolness and beauty of nature.


Being short listed in So-en Fashion Design Award is a dream-come-true for Anki, as the designer has been a huge fan of the magazine for 5 years. Apart from prizes, Anki got herself a promotion opportunity by winning the award. That is to prove her brand SWANZI to be as stunning as the winning collection, and her choice of staying in Japan for its artistic and cultural inspirations a right one.