What is the 2015 new prize “Best Accessories Design Award” about?

A new prize – “Best Accessories Design Award” is open for all entries in 2015. Applicants are encouraged to create accessories with creativity, workmanship and a clever choice of different materials. All designs must be originally designed by the finalist solely. (Accessories incl. headpieces, necklaces, bracelets, bags and shoes. Fine & gold jewelries are not accepted. More details about this prize will be announced on FASHIONALLY facebook page later.)


A session “Meet-The-Judge” is newly arranged in 2015, may I know what I need to prepare for this session?

The finalists will be required to submit one set of completed outfit for screening at the “Meet-The-Judge session” which is scheduled on early Nov (exact date to be confirmed). If that outfit does not meet the Council’s and judges’ required standard, it will be rejected. All garment designs must be original, collections infringing on copyright or paraded / presented before will lead to disqualification.


Do I need to specify the category that I am planning to enter when I submit the entry form?

Yes, all contestants must specify in the entry form clearly the category that they are planning to enter.


Can I apply for the contest if I do not have any sponsor?

You can still apply for the contest if you do not have a sponsor at the application stage. However, once you become one the shortlisted finalists, you must acquire a sponsor (a Hong Kong clothing manufacturer/ enterprise/ fashion design institute) to put your design into production. You are also required to submit your sponsor’s company name, stamp and logo. HKTDC reserves the right to disqualify any unsponsored applications.


Is it necessary for the sponsor to put my design into production for free?

Not really. The sponsorship can be financial or technical, that can support a quality and successful production of your design.


Can I jointly apply the contest with my friend or apply as a company?

No, all contestant can only apply to the contest as individual designer.


Is there any age limit for application?

Contestant must be 35 years of age or below on the application deadline. For example, if the application deadline is 8 September 2014, applicants who are 36 years old on or before that day are not eligible for the contest


Can I apply for the contest if I am a HKID card holder?

Contestant must be a permanent HKID card holder who has 7 years continuous ordinary residence in Hong Kong.


What should I pay attention to when preparing Mood-boards?

 - Write in English and supplemented in Chinese

 - NO Pencil Writing

 - NEVER write your name/school on the mood boards

 - NEVER submit loose sheets

 - Submit the mood-boards with fabric swatches of no less than 12x12cm

 - NEVER submit special packaging with mood boards such as suitcase or a box, your contents are more important than anything else


 (For details, please refer to application form)


How should I submit my application?

Please submit the following items in person to HKTDC office.

1. filled entry form

2. presentation boards

3. ID card – just for our verification when you submit your application


HKTDC – Creative Department (Lifestyle Team)

38/F, Office Tower, 1 Harbour Road,

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Office hour: Mon to Fri, 08:30 – 12:30; 14:00pm - 17:30 / Close on Sat, Sun and public holidays


I am not available to submit the entry form and the presentation board to HKTDC office in person during office hour, what can I do?

You can submit the entry form and the presentation board by

a.  post, with your ID card copy before the application deadline; or
b.  authorise a person to submit for you with your ID card copy during office hour

Office hour: Mon to Fri, 8:30am – 5:30pm


When will I know if I become one of the finalists?

All shortlisted finalists will be notified by e-mail around late September. The finalist list will be posted on website and YDC facebook page as well.