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Techpacker, an online platform that visualises the supply chain, accelerate production and allow for better quality control, is offering designers a 7-day free trial.

In the past, Fashionally did a feature story on Hong Kong startup Techpacker. Now less than 3 years since its launch, this product management platform has attracted over 15,000 fashion companies managing over 200,000 styles, and the numbers are rapidly growing. Many familiar brand names are now on board Techpacker.

These include renowned Hong Kong lifestyle shop Kapok. The company has taken advantage of Techpacker for the unprecedented ease it offers when it comes to managing communication between designers and their associates. Designers from major brands like Nike and Ralph Lauren have also been drawn to Techpacker's international community for sharing of ideas.

This open-sourced platform speeds up the product development cycle by offering a highly visual interface that turns a design concept into a precise blueprint for the production team to follow. It eliminates the chore of redundant data entry while enabling people from different backgrounds to understand one another.

Major corporations would have their own tech pack systems but until the launch of Techpacker in 2014, there had been no standardised platform of this kind for smaller companies and independent designers. Techpacker has since made strides in building a community of designers to drive product development together.

Tastemaker Kapok launched collection using Techpacker
Founded by Frenchman Arnault Castel in 2006, Kapok is a now an internationally respected brand for its authentic take on design and curation of indie brands from Hong Kong and beyond. With stores in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, Kapok took a step forward and established its own collection of clothing “Future Classics” last July.
With team members based in different locations, communication could be difficult. This was where Techpacker came in. Techpacker played an important role in their collaboration and made communication easy. Kapok CEO Arnault Castel said: ”I was worried in the beginning if the factory would adopt this new technology, but they loved it. They preferred to use Techpacker as the communication was very clear and smooth.”
Castel also found that the production process became more efficient and there were fewer modifications than expected because designers were able to control product development easily. “The first round of samples was almost perfect. We had to modify some fabrics but otherwise they were almost ready to go into production."
Techpacker’s versatility was proven again when it was used to power a design contest run by Kapok. Tackpacker provided the platform for contestants to show their detailed ideas to the contest jury in a professional manner. From mood boards to the proportion and dimension of each garment, the platform allowed Kapok to better grasp the idea behind each design and assess its wearability and marketability.
Contestants have commended the user-friendliness of Tackpacker. Janet Wong, a fashion design student from SCAD Hong Kong and the winner of the contest, said: "Techpacker organises my information very well. It’s easy to understand and follow. I could simply download the PDF files after filling in all the info."
Sign up for Techpacker’s 7-day free trial now to join a diverse international design community, and experience how your production process can be streamlined and communication made easier.
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