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Hong Kong Fashion Week is off to a fiery start with 14 of our city’s most promising designers showcasing their autumn/winter 2017 collections in a two-part fashion show called ‘FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #8’ and ‘FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #9’.  

112 mountainyam opened up the event with a Chinese New Year appropriate burst of electric reds contrasted by dark, knit, grey and black sweaters and jackets in his punchy streetwear collection. Then Shirley Wong of FromClothingOf came out with a more formal collection emphasising pinstriped dresses over white-collared shirts paired with tailored long coats and vests in subdued tones of burgundy and violet. She gives a schoolgirl touch to officewear, which was similar to the way Yannes Wong featured her dandy line of womenswear for Lapeewee.  

112 mountainyam

Things took a tone for the severe when phenotypsetter came out with pleated white, ethereal textures juxtaposed by stark black, razor cut tops. Following that narrative KEVIN HO opened up with a strong nod to the Mondrian dress with his version of a leather long coat. The colour-blocking was visually captivating and gave way to his more seductive and sensual, off-shoulder satin dresses in velvety red and black. Two of the more memorable collections came from Blind by JW, which offered colourful, metallic, printed dresses and softer lace textures while Mim Mak of HANG went for a sporty collection highlighted by athletic fabrications in the form of a puffy skirt, trench coats and dresses. It was athleisure done in a way that balanced masculinity and femininity.

Things took an edgier turn for ‘FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #9’ when menswear label DEMO. opened up with a charming, extremely-well tailored prep-school collection with houndstooth bomber jackets and plaid blazers topped with coloured fur scarves. Winnie Witt then came out with a collection that was completely the opposite to traditional tailoring. Models wore tops and bottoms with geometric protrusions - one particular protrusion coming out from the bum, dispelling any notion of functionality. YEUNG CHIN and SHERMAN KWAN came out with womenswear collections that were equally as conceptual with models walking to sounds of machines crashing in asymmetrical outfits that adhered to no sense of conformity. KENSON and KA WA KEY took to menswear with a more whimsical and dreamy approach. The former with a youthful, playful exuberance while the latter played with soft, pastel tones and romantic lace sweaters and overalls. The show completed with MODEMENT’s menswear and womenswear collection that played to designer Aries Sin’s strength in poetic eveningwear that conjures up images of Oliver Twist.

The 14 designers gave Fashion Week a strong start and proved again that the city has no absence of talent or creative ideas. What was also notable was the connective thread of the designers to always add more details rather than less to their collections. Afterall, minimalism is out and the more-is-more narrative of maximalism is in.
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