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The Must-Have Accessories for Fall 2017-18
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In fashion’s increasingly fast paced environment, styles that offer both the customer a mix of fashion and function are increasingly important. Fall/Winter 2017-18 accessories focus on the reinvention of classic styles through fresh directional elements.
Today, we invite Trendstop’s team of experts to bring us the essential accessories for Fall 2017-18. Be inspired by the key bag, eyewear, jewellery and soft accessories silhouettes and discover the pieces that will enhance your next collection.
Accessories Overview
Oversized bags have statement appeal as simple constructions allow for experimentation with a wealth of fabrics and finishes. For eyewear, retro favourites are revived with angular profiles and new finishing techniques that bring innovation to a popular style. Soft accessories focus on XXL proportions and tactile materials that can be applied across multiple product categories to combat the winter chill while the continuing utility trend sees the introduction of industrial motifs into the fine jewellery arena.
Trend takeaway: Winter accessories are all about combining directional fashion with functional wearability.

Bags - The Shopper Sack
Relaxed sack-like shoppers feature voluminous proportions that fuse statement sizes with roomy practicality. Tactile materials soften geometric constructions as fabrications and finishes become essential in allowing the shopper shape to transcend the trends. Simplified silhouettes are elevated through the use of formal or party appropriate finishes while lightweight synthetics tap into the athleisure trend.
Trend takeaway: Simplified silhouettes offer increased options for trend-led fabrication and finish development.

Lonneke Van Der Palen for L’Officiel

Eyewear - The Cut-off Cat Eye
Cat eye shades get a modern makeover as vintage inspired upswept edges are angled off, clipped and cut. Circular lenses contrast against sharply moulded browlines and squared-off corners or appear as though suspended in cut out frames. These innovations illustrate the importance of evolving core and classic styles, creating new interest for the consumer while retaining the key elements of a popular style.

Trend takeaway: Fresh innovation allows core classics to adapt to the latest trends.

Soft Accessories - Inflated Furs
Fur fabrications are a fall/winter staple. An increase in volume, super-soft and fly-away textures highlight the natural qualities of real fur and elevate the feel of faux pieces to luxury status. Plush pelts span a variety of seasonal trends through the use of natural colour-ways but can easily adapt to the fast-fashion consumer in directional vibrant tones across a range of product applications.
Trend takeaway: Fabrications with multi-product applications provide the consumer with increased choice and variety.

Soft Accessories - The XXL Knit
Up-scaled, oversized and super chunky, new knitting techniques introduce a modern and playful spin to soft accessories. Retaining a touch of hand-crafted nostalgia their homemade aesthetic is updated with the exaggerated proportions, multicolour melange and colourful yarns. Giant cable snoods and thick rib beanies illustrate how this urban take on homespun is inspiring a range of product applications.
Trend takeaway: Directional design helps retain the relevance of traditional construction techniques.

Acne Studios Fall Winter 2015-16

Jewellery - Industrial Constructions
Fine jewellery is reworked with an industrial edge creating pieces infused with a functional yet formal aesthetic. Blending traditional and contemporary, metal working techniques celebrate traditional craftsmanship while the beaten, folded, wrapped and rolled effects have a thoroughly modern appeal. Substantial silhouettes and geometric forms evidence the impact of utility themes.
Trend takeaway: Traditional craftsmanship skills are evolving and adapting to the modern consumer.

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