Fashion design enjoyed a spectacular homecoming with the FASHION HONG KONG runway show! This proud showcase of local talent celebrated six Hong Kong designers and labels featured in past Fashion Hong Kong events, while unveiling their latest 2018 Pre-Spring and Spring/Summer collections to a star-studded audience.


Maison Vermillion SS 2018 Collection: The Victorian Holiday

Maison Vermillion SS 2018 collection "The Victorian Holiday" showcases inspiration from the classical seaside Victorian Holiday.This collection explores motifs patched along to delicately embroidered lace dresses, encompasses youthful and delicate silhouettes generating simple but powerful modern sensibilities.

Maison Vermillion reflects a mix of Eastern and Western influences and design practices. Inspired by both romanticism of the West and the delicacy of Eastern accents, the look is electric, regal and empowered. The collections are expertly constructed with couture techniques using lace, silks, crepe de chine and contrasted with strong and bold metallic hardware.

DORISKATH SS 2018 Collection: Dandelion

Wind hush is the sky breath, dandelion tries to fly away from the ground. It lives life fully, flies with beauty, survives storms, endures darkness, never gives up. Dandelions like each of us can make the world a brighter place. The trick is to bloom right where we are, which is a good journey in our life.

Since 2007, DORISKATH has been known for its unique and exquisite designs that best reflect the personality and capture the essence of every lady. The brand provides a wide array of services ranging from tailor-made evening dresses to custom wedding gowns. “One Dress Fits All” concept made her dresses fit different ladies’ unique styles and figures for various occasions ranging from work to party.

HARRISON WONG SS 2018 Collection: Art Brut

HARRISON WONG's SS 2018 Collection, Art Brut, emphasizes the discord fostered by Jean Dubuffet, the mid-century French artist in the form of unproportional fitting and exaggerated shoulders. Wong takes the nearly random lines and stripes so familiar in Dubuffet's work to unify the collection whether on striking shirts or outdoor jackets with a fitted touch.

HARRISON WONG is an original contemporary apparel and accessory brand for fashion aware consumers. The designs are edgy and aggressive, but also emit an understated elegance. The products are of the highest quality yet affordable at the same time, demonstrating that fine design and taste are not determined by the price tag.


KENAXLEUNG SS18 collection is inspired by plenty of cyberpunk signatures such as neon light and LED wall among a lightless downtown. The collection showcased the combination of ergonomics and classic traditional, as regards to the significant of cyberpunk movie, and the creation of abstract forms attributes to distorted lines and inflated volumes cut with high-visibility details.

Established in 2012, the contemporary fashion label “KENAXLEUNG” is a presentation of the combination of sportswear elements, installation arts, architecture and ethnic craftsmanship – the combination of innovative materials and exquisite digital prints is the brand’s signature.

LOOM LOOP Pre-Spring 2018

LOOM LOOP Pre-Spring 2018 Collection: The Separated Lovers

The inspiration for LOOM LOOP’s Pre- Spring 2018 collection comes from a Chinese legend and love story, “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd”. In the upcoming Pre-Spring 2018 collection, prints of magpies and cows will be used. The cow print also pays homage to an iconic figure of a chocolate milk beverage in Hong Kong.

Looming and looping are the fundamentals in knitting. LOOM LOOP focuses on adding value to delicate materials and specialises in designing pieces using luxurious Canton silk, a traditional fabric that requires a high degree of craftsmanship.

HOUSE OF V SS 2018 Collection: Transformative

The SS 2018 collection is inspired by a renowned architect, Oscar Niemeyer whose famous work "Spiral Staircase" re-sculpts a simple yet modern collection. The looks can be reformulated by reform, revise and reverse. They are casually layered or combined with contemporary tailoring or leisure smart casual to create a relaxed and innovative edge.

Inspired by architecture and guided by the most basic unit in design – lines, HOUSE OF V strives to create elegant and minimalistic fashion. The “V” of HOUSE OF V represents the designer’s philosophy in using simple lines to create subtle depth. This brand symbol “V” also embodies visual languages, echoing with the universality of the brand’s designs.

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