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That’s one small step for a designer, one giant leap for Hong Kong design.
On 20 March 2017, 50 fashionistas, media and bloggers gathered at Silvercord i.t shop to celebrate the launch of ete! x YDC limited edition footwear. Designed by Gim Wong, second runner-up and winner of the Best Footwear and Accessories Design Award of the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2016, the unique footwear is solely produced by i.t and is now available in a limited quantity of 100 pairs in select ete! and i.t shops in Hong Kong.
Three-time Hong Kong Olympic swimmer Stephanie Au was among the guest hosts of the event. Wearing both outfit and sneakers from Gim Wong’s winning collection Backpacker, Ms Au shared her styling philosophy: “I am in love with the outfit and sneakers, as they get me ready for a new journey anytime. The simple blue and grey tones offer subtle yet practical mix-and-match options. Gim told me that the back of the female outfit can be buckled up to become a backpack, which blows my mind! The mix of climbing rope laces, black leather buckles and platform sneakers really makes one stand out from the crowd.”  
The sneakers’ design has also been well-received by the fashion insiders. Kayla Wong, model and founder of ethnical and eco-friendly lifestyle brand Basics For Basics, came to support Gim Wong’s design and participated in interactive games with the emcee of the day. Wearing an i.t outfit paired with Gim Wong-designed shoes, Ms Wong said the shoes are easy to mix and match on a daily basis. “I am all for the design concept of the sneakers – Backpacker – as nothing gives me a greater sense of freedom than just carrying a backpack to explore the world. My favourite detail is the climbing rope laces; they do magic with the black leather buckles, making the sneakers so easy to match. Gim is a designer rich in fashion sense, knowing that unisex platform sneakers will be big this season. There are just so many opportunities for styling with these kicks!”
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Where to get:
THE ONE • Langham Place • APM
Silvercord • Festival Walk • New Town Plaza Phase I• APM
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