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id, an emerging label founded by Julio Ng and Cyrus Wong, wants to present a view of fashion that is pure and innocent.
Established in 2016, id has already made considerable strides on the international runway, having been selected by the Fashion Farm Foundation to present in a group show featuring Hong Kong designers during Paris Fashion Week for the past two seasons.
The label takes its name from a psychoanalysis term representing the most basic part of the human psyche. “Just like the id, we want our clothes to be free from societal constraints and the influence of the ego and superego. It is about the most basic human needs and attractions,” says Ng.
Theirs is a childlike approach to design. It’s all about the enjoyment of clothing. You will not see too much technology being used, but a focus on cutting and fabrics.

Cyrus and Julio, graduates of Central St. Martins and London College of Fashion respectively, also take pride in their Hong Kong heritage. The transformative nature of this cosmopolitan city is what they try to infuse into the spirit of id.
Ng explains: “We wanted to create a brand that had a feel of Hong Kong, but at first we couldn’t quite grasp what that was. Then we figured it out. From a tiny fishing village to an international city, Hong Kong is very good at adapting and surviving. It is this ability to transform and evolve that we want to capture.”
This transformation is reflected in the label’s styling, fabrics and details. Currently id is experimenting with a treatment of silk that makes it look worn down. “Silk is like red wine. It can age beautifully, just like denim and leather.” They say.
The two designers take their inspiration from different concepts. Ng is intrigued by the beautiful yet incomplete, while Cyrus is drawn to the spontaneous and ever-changing. Their contrasting personalities have provided the chemistry that makes id so refreshing and unique.
Despite a very good response from their runway experience in Paris, including a feature in Vogue Italia, Ng and Wong are keeping their feet on the ground when it comes to marketing the brand. Represented by Ryodan Berg Showroom in Paris and its own showroom in mainland China, id is now being carried by boutiques in the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and the mainland. Recently added stockists include UJ-NG London and Ennu in Amsterdam. In addition, id is available online exclusively at www.uj-ng.com
“We want it to grow organically. Our brand concept always comes first so we want to keep things a bit artsy, and not too commercial,” They say.
Ng and Wong are now working on the Spring/Summer 2018 season. Inspired by air pollution, the collection will focus on the contrast between lightness and heaviness, and the transformation from airy to stiff and voluminous. As in previous seasons, id will collaborate with Danish artist Valeriya Olkhova, who will provide knits for this upcoming collection.
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