Aries Sin

Before Aries Sin Mei-Yuk earned her Higher Diploma of Fashion Design and Product Development from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) in 2008, she was already a fashion design enthusiast recognized by the sector over a number of scholarships and awards. Some of which had offered her valuable overseas working experience such as Peclers Paris. In 2013, she was awarded by “Perspective magazine” as the Next Generation of Design Talent - 40 under 40, and bronze award of “Design for Asia Award 2013”. Over the years, Aries’ unique unisex collections have been the favorites of local artists such as Miriam Yeung, Candy Lo, Denise Ho, Andy Hui, Endy Chow and Ellen Loo.

Besides, Aries was supported by Joyce Boutique, which is well-know famous in fashion industry, had a temporary pop-up shop. Besides Fashion, she was also invited by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, designed and produced art-piece for a 6-month exhibition. Neat and clean silhouette are always the core in Aries’ design, these styles attracted the famous shopping mall – wtc more for requesting uniform design.

冼美玉,2008年畢業於香港專業教育學院,主修時裝設計及產品開發。她自小鐘情時裝設計,曾勇奪多個業內獎項及獎學金,為她帶來到法國巴黎 Peclers Paris的寶貴工作機會。2013年,她更被著名雜誌《Perspective 透視》選為40位40歲以下的未來設計才俊。多年來,Aries獨特的中性作品一直是名人歌手的竉兒,當中包括楊千嬅、盧巧音、何韻詩、許志安、周國賢及盧凱彤等等。

另外,Aries 更獲時裝界翹楚 Joyce Boutique 支持,開設 pop-up shop。除時裝方面,她今年更獲香港文化博物館的邀請,製作展品,參與為期半年的展覽。其簡約的設計風格亦深受 wtc more 的青睞,為其商場設計制服。