20. 05

“5cm x YDC Best Ac...

 “5cm x YDC Best Accessories Design Award White Sneakers Limited Edition” are now available a...

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07. 05

5cm x YDC Best Accessories Des...

Zen-like White Kicks5cm x YDC Best Accessories Design Award White sneakers have become the universal &ldq...

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YDC News

04. 05


Fashion Forward Festival

Jamie Lee

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27. 04



Jamie Lee

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30. 03

WHATEVER in another sense

“Whatever” is always used in arguments to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the arg...

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02. 03

B.U.Y. for the Uniqueness

Hong Kong’s weekend markets have gone from regular events organised by institutions to guerrilla occasio...

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26. 02

Shine like Diamonds at New Yor...

Since his victory at Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) 2014, Nelson Leung the Overall Win...

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11. 02

Chit chat with models - Jia Ji...

The Nanjing native has been a regular at the Big Four of international fashion weeks - New York, London, Paris...

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