Fashion Giant Speaks: Bonnie Lam
There is always a synergy between media and fashion industry. FASHIONALLY is here to give you an insider view from one of the judges of Young Fashion Designer’s Contest (YDC) 2016, Bonnie Lam, the Vice President of YOHO!.

Targeting Post 90s young audience, YOHO! is a fashion oriented multimedia brand that promotes the trend in Hong Kong and the mainland China, with “Being young is an attitude” as its motto. “It has been over a decade since I joined fashion media industry. I believe that being young implies keeping up with the times. It applies to every industry. When it applies to fashion, being young is being bold and willing to try, wearing whatever you feel like and having your own style,” says Lam. YDC’s focu...
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Asian designers have been ascending the international fashion ladder along with the rise of Asian culture and trend. The CENTRESTAGE organised in Hong Kong this early September provided a novel platform that was perfect for buyers, media and fashion industry during the 4-day trade exhibition. As a highlight of the CENTRESTAGE, a major new fashion spectacular CENTRESTAGE ELITES, showcased the Spring/Summer 2017 collections from four rising stars in Asia, namely Mim Mak from Hong Kong, Simon Gao from Beijing, Ko Taeyong from Seoul and Pongsak Suprratccheep & Thita Kamonnetsawat from Bangkok.

The glamorous event was held on 7 September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Nearly 1,000 guests attended the show, among them were John Tsang, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR, as well as social and fashion industry elites Mao Ji-hong and his wife, Louis Cheung, Nancy ...
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Fashion Giant Speaks: Jonathan Lee, Shine
One of the men behind the grand prizes of this year’s Young Fashion Designer’s Contest (YDC) speaks up to FASHIONALLY on tips to young designers. Introducing Jonathan Lee, Senior Buyer of Shine, who is also one of the judges and senior industry representative of YDC 2016.

Having fallen in love with fashion since his childhood, Lee studied fashion design at the Bunka Fashion College in Japan and London’s Central Saint Martins. He was a fashion PR and overseas sales manager before joining Shine in Hong Kong in 2012. Where he gets to know some of the local designer brands, surprisingly, is at the showrooms of fashion week overseas. Whenever a collection of young designer catches his attention, Lee tends to wait and see. “Occasionally I le...
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YDC Ex-finalists Capsule Collection

At the final of Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest took place on last Saturday, four past YDC designers who have established their own brands showcased their latest Capsule Collections. The four designers are MODEMENT by Aries Sin, Kevin Ho, Kurt Ho and DEMO. by Derek Chan. The Hong Kong & Kowloon Textile Fabrics Wholesalers Association sponsored all the fabrics used in the collections, giving the four designers a valuable opportunity to try new fabrics and come up with innovative designs to excite the audience.


“There are no absolutes in this world”, says designer Derek Chan about his latest collect under label DEMO. “Androgyny is the theme”. I believe even a manly man can still feel a feminine touch in t...

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YDC2016 Winners Announced
The Champion granted internship opportunity at FACETASM
The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2016 awards ceremony took place on 10 Sep, with Kenneth Cheung named Champion. He received a cash prize and a one-month internship programme at international fashion brand FACETASM in Japan. The winners are:

Champion: Kenneth Cheung “No Country for Old Man” 
First Runner-up: Lee Tak-shing “Addendum”
Second Runner-up and Best Footwear & Accessories Design Award: Gim Wong “Backpacker”

The winning collections will be displayed at HMV’s flagship store at Causeway Bay from 12 to 25 September.

Kenneth Cheung, the champion of the YDC, was overwhelmed by the result, and expressed heartfelt gratitude to his colleagues, mentor and company for their guidance and support. When asked abo...
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by Giorgio Arman
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