The learning curve
Graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BA in Knitwear Design and Technology in 2014, designer Kenneth Cheung loves to experiment with new textiles and technology in his collections. His label KHOCHEUNG, debuted in 2014 for a collaboration with JOYCE Boutique, Machine-A and SHOWstudio but later took a hiatus. A new KHOCHEUNG collection is currently in development and will be launched for this year’s Autumn/Winter season.“I like to come up with new forms and textures, and knitwear allows me more room for experimentation in this regard. It is easier to control in production and it also fascinates me to see how one thread can lead to so many different textures depending on how you handle it,” says Cheung. His upcoming collection will be a continuation of what he’s been doing since YDC 2016 –experimenting with different embroidery and patchwork techniques on basic wool suiting fabrics, and giving the finished garments a sportswear twist.As ...
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FASHIONALLY Designer Notes: Spring Summer 2018 Denim Directions
As an everyday essential or directional fashion statement, denim has evolved from its humble workwear origins. Its impact on the industry and advance from classic to contemporary saw the SS18 edition of Denim by Premiere Vision, focus on the future of denim and the designers and developers at the heart of this international, multigenerational community.Today, we invite Trendstop’s team of experts to bring us the key denim trends informing the womenswear market for Spring/Summer 2018 direct from the show. You will be inspired by 4 essential themes that are sure to inspire your next denim collection.Heightened Hi-Tech Innovation is key to denim's continued evolution and performance concepts are driving development across both fabrication and silhouette. The sportswear market provides the inspiration for super-lightweights and strong yet stretchy qualities as revolutionary temperature control capabilities, quick-dry finishes and reflective fibres are incorporated into core denim pi...
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ete! x YDC Best Kicks by Hong Kong Young Designer
On 20 March 2017, 50 fashionistas, media and bloggers gathered at Silvercord i.t shop to celebrate the launch of ete! x YDC limited edition footwear. Designed by Gim Wong, second runner-up and winner of the Best Footwear and Accessories Design Award of the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2016, the unique footwear is solely produced by i.t and is now available in a limited quantity of 100 pairs in select ete! and i.t shops in Hong Kong.   Three-time Hong Kong Olympic swimmer Stephanie Au was among the guest hosts of the event. Wearing both outfit and sneakers from Gim Wong’s winning collection Backpacker, Ms Au shared her styling philosophy: “I am in love with the outfit and sneakers, as they get me ready for a new journey anytime. The simple blue and grey tones offer subtle yet practical mix-and-match options. Gim told me that the back of the female outfit can be buckled up to become a backpack, which blows my mind! The mix of climbing rope laces, bl...
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Heritage re-imagined
Hong Kong’s inspiration for fashion has taken a shift. For the longest time, many of the city’s emerging designers admired and were influenced by designs that came from the holy trinity of fashion capitals – London, Paris and Milan. But now, the directions of the winds have changed. In conjunction with China’s rising dominance on the world stage, local designers have begun to look inward and into their own heritage as a source of inspiration to create a more diverse and inclusive, global fashion industry. A few homegrown heroes that are spearheading the movement are Kay Li, Yat Pit, Cynthia & Xiao and Loom Loop.   It goes without saying that marriage can be a daunting experience filled with contradicting feelings of joy and fear. Now, picture if you met your betrothed for the very first time on the night of your wedding. It’s a scary thought, but this was the situation for many Chinese women during the times of imperial China and it was imaginin...
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HK Designers Launch New Collections at New York Fashion Week
Three Hong Kong fashion brands launched their Fall/Winter 2017 collections at the New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017, on 15 February.  The runway show named “Fashion Hong Kong” attracted more than 430 buyers, media representatives and fashion experts to attend.   The Hong Kong fashion brands that took part at this year’s Fashion Hong Kong runway show were CYNTHIA & XIAO, formed by Cynthia Mak and Xiao Xiao; HARRISON WONG, by designer Harrison Wong, and LOOM LOOP, established by Polly Ho. Local fashion bloggers as well as international fashion media attended the Hong Kong runway show, including Fashionista.com, Fashionweek.com, The Daily Front Row, The New York Times and Vogue. The audience was treated to three diverse styles from Hong Kong. While CYNTHIA & XIAO presented knitwear pieces that highlighted Chinese tradition and handicraft, HARRISON WONG showcased understated and elegant menswear.  LOOM LOOP blended Chinese folk tale with an e...
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by Giorgio Arman
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    ete! x YDC limited edition footwear
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    FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #8 & #9 Behind The Scene
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    Yannes Wong - Lapeewee
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    Derek Chan, DEMO.
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    YDC 2016 (fashion show full version)
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    Mim Mak - HANG
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    Kevin Ho
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    Aries Sin, MODEMENT
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    YDC2016 Winners Announced
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    YDC2016 Behind-the-scene
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    We Are Ready ! YDC 2016
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Kurt Ho
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Kevin Ho
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Aries Sin
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Derek Chan
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    I'm Designer pop-up store
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    The Making of Fashionally Fashion Film #1
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    FASHIONALLY Fashion Film #1
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    FASHIONALLY Fashion Film #1 Official Trailer
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    fashionally 4.0
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    YDC 2015 After Show Party
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    YDC2015 highlight 2.0
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    YDC2015 Show Highlight
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    M.A.C. Makeup Demo - Ground Zero runway makeup
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    M.A.C. Makeup Demo - YDC 2015
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    'Talents Bouncing' by who ARE invited
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    FASHIONALLY Community Tutorial Video (Chinese)
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    香港電台 <香港衝線> 設計我的時裝路 2014-02-24
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    FASHIONALLY Community Tutorial Video (English)
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    Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014 Highlight
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    Ji Lili @ Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2014 - backstage highlight
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2014 - Highlight
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    Vivienne Westwood S/S 2014 Fashion Show
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    Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014 Preview
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    SPY Henry Lau: Street Sophistication
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    Fashion in Blossom: Calla
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    Iberian by Design: Amaya Arzuaga
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    Luxury Dadaism: Masha Ma at Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza .
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    In Search of Fashion Genes
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    The HK Fashion Map
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    FASHIONALLY Collection Show #2
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    The HK Fashion Map teaser
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    FASHIONALLY Community (Englisht subtitle)
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    FASHIONALLY Community (SC subtitle)
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    YDC 2013 - FASHIONALLY design & community
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    The Making of - World Boutique, HK 2013 promotional images
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    YDC 2013 Backstage
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    YDC 2013 - Interview of designers
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    YDC2013 Aftershow Party highlight
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    YDC2013 Ex-Winner Interview
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2013 Highlight
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    Aganovich: Modern Nomads
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    The designs of London’s Holly Fulton are set to dazzle at the 2013
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    Beijing Designer Zhang Chi
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    Johanna Ho: Hong Kong Design Edge
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    YDC x FASHIONALLY.com Exhibition
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    Interview with YDC 2012 Winners
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    Backstage with Janice Man @ Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer's Contest 2012
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    Highlight - Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2012
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    Highlight - Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2012
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2012- backstage with finalists
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    Backstage Preview - YDC 2012
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