28. 09

Burning It Up with Hong Kong F...

Hong Kong has experienced its hottest temperature record since 1885, and the scorching heat seems to be going ...

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21. 09

“In Style•Hong Kon...

Hong Kong is probably one of the smallest cities in the world with numerous talents in various fields - from e...

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14. 09

Join us to the FASHIONALLY Sho...

The works of nine up-and-coming local designers will be on d...

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24. 08

Batik It Up in Jakarta

Asian traditional clothing has been infusing in the global trend - the recent Kimono chic and the “China...

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13. 08

Haute Bridal Wear Made in Hong...

Dedicated to promoting local designers and their works, FASHIONALLY has been witnessing fashion milestones ach...

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08. 07

Fashionistas’ Firs...

Smartphones and social media have been our new essentials for a while. Apart from our close friends and famili...

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06. 07


It is said that 10,000 Hours Rule leads to mastery in a field, and that is more or less applicable to fashion....

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06. 07

Here comes the Novas fas...

What to expect when you are watching two young designers’ showcases in a row? - More and more novel surp...

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Kurt Ho / Fashion designer

Mildred Lo / Stylist

Cerine Lee / Founder and Designer of The Surian

Hildy Chan / Photographer

Shing Mak / Choreographer

Ning Lau / Founder of whoAREinvited.com

Chan Tsz Ying / fashion blogger

Jay Fung / Artist

Maria Tang / DJ

Cecilia Ngan / fashion blogger

Charles Lam / model, fashion blogger

Inggrad Shek / Stylist

Sum Kwan / Freelancer

Kay Kwok / Fashion Designer

Zoe Siu / Founder and Designer of ZO-EE

Charles Lam / Chan Tsz Ying / Fashion Blogger & Online Shop Owner

Yu / Artist

Mikki Yao / Model

Winnie Zeng / Model

Edmond Leung / Artist

Ivana Wong / Artist