By Divia Harilela

As the temperatures rise, looking stylish in the sweltering heat becomes more of a challenge. Here are five summer trends that are guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling cool this July.

All White/White Hot
It may sound obvious, but there’s something about white that feels so cool and fresh in the summer. A must-have this season is the shirt dress or button down shirt as proposed by designers like Phillip Lim. Another popular silhouette is the mini dress. Berayah’s versions are particularly chic and are updated with a contrasting block of colour. Remember the shorter you go the more you should cover up top.

Cropped Tops/Bare Exposure
This 1990s favourite makes a comeback on the catwalks of brands such as Dior and Dolce & Gabanna. Popular styles for the sum...

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TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL - Post 90s Fashion Students

Despite the short supply of novice in many local industries, Hong Kong fashion industry is proving the bright future with extraordinary work of fashion students. The Hong Kong Trade Development joined hands with several local fashion institutes in early July, showcasing the work of post 90s fashion students during the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring Summer.

The THEi Fashion Show was held by The Technological and Higher Education Institute (THEi) on 5 July, where twelve graduating students of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design showcased their works, competing for four prizes sponsored by the industry. A number of notable designers and professionals within the field of fashion were invited to be the judging panel.

Choi Yui Sheng’s evening-wear collection for ladies, encapsulating black tone with unique cutting and intricate use of materials, won him the Ove...

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On the CUFFS

Founder of bespoke menswear brand, Ian Fong, gets an exclusive insider look at one of Savile Row’s most respected tailoring house– Huntsman

A men’s suit is one of the most difficult ensembles to execute well.

Ask any designer and they can tell you that the skills needed to make a perfect suit can take a lifetime to master. Every seam and detail must be impeccably finished and the fit – above all else – can determine whether a man looks like he has the confident, suave appeal of James Bond or the attractiveness of an aimless schlump. It would come to no surprise then that men who have exquisite taste go to great lengths to find the best tailors in the world. They hunt for it if you will. And no tailor in the world knows the thrill of a good hunt like Savile Row’s most respected tailoring house – Huntsman.

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Green is the new black: Sustainable fashion takes hold in Asia

By Divia Harilela

Green is officially the new black in fashion as sustainability has transitioned from a hot topic into a necessity for today’s brands and designers. Every segment of the industry from high street giants like H&M and Esprit to luxury brands like Stella McCartney has made it its mission to incorporate sustainable practices into their businesses while addressing pertinent topics such as textile waste and the effects of fashion production on the environment.

Earlier this year the Kering Group, which owns luxury labels such as Gucci and Saint Laurent, released its first Sustainability Report revealing the environmental and social impact of its supply chain, proving that the fashion community cares just as much about how clothing is produced.

On the other end of the spectrum we have seen the rise of brands and designers who are ...

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Pop Up Garden

A sneak peek of HKTDC Fashion Magazine July 2016 issue. 
The Fashion Feature showcases the trendy yet high-quality ready-to-wear and designer fashions and accessories with which Hong Kong is synonymous. 「夢夏伊甸」展示香港時裝設計師品牌最新夏季系列。

香港貿發局時裝雜誌 為「香港貿發局香港時裝節」大會指定雜誌 將會於7月出刊
Headline: Pop Up Garden
Art Direction & Stylist 藝術指揮及造型師:Chloe Mak @ CMFC
Photographer 攝影師:Karl Lam @ Karl Studio
Makeup化妝師: Karen Yiu @ HK Makeup
Hair 髮型師: Jean.T @ aTen Studio
Styling Assistant 造型助理: Ives Chan @ CMFC, Mousegrey
Photography Assistant: Micdiu Tam @ Karl Studio
Models 模特兒:Yiyi Wu @SuperMii, Akira L @Model Genesis

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