FASHIONALLY Collection #10
What’s more exhilarating than kicking off CENTRESTAGE with FASHIONALLY Collection #10, a fashion show where 10 of Hong Kong’s most promising designers showcased their Spring/Summer 2018 collections and demonstrated how they have transformed from fledgling designers to shining entrepreneurs with their own fashion labels over the years.HANG raised the curtain with a collection geared toward naturalism boasting designer Mim Mak’s deliberate use of unpolluted greige fabric and exquisite knotting and weaving techniques for embellishments. DEMO. then invited the audience to appreciate the archaic beauty of Japanese Oiran, which designer Derek Chan appropriated to introduce sumptuous brocade and elegant silhouettes of the courtesans’ traditional costumes into his menswear design. Following DEMO., Kurt Ho’s collection revolved around the theme of sublimation, transcending his signature designs through an innovative exploration of avant-garde forms and possibilitie...
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A Story of the Lit - NARS x YDC2017
NARS has been highly supportive of the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC). As the official makeup sponsor of YDC, NARS is bound to create the most gorgeous runway looks to bring out the best of the finalists’ creative pieces. This year’s collections are brimmed with strong, avant-garde visual elements. In light of this, NARS use their brand-new Powermatte Lip Pigment to create a series of strong and powerful looks to shine on the runway. Off stage we have invited a group of dynamic, energetic youngsters to try out different shades of the Powermatte Lip Pigment. Channeling their rebellious disposition and tendency to challenge traditions into the photoshoot, they have eloquently embodied the spirit of YDC.20 lip-sealing shades of NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment:1.  SLOW RIDE: Soft Brown Pink2.  LONDON CALLING: Lilac Pink3.  WALK THIS WAY: Rose Pink4.  UNDER MY THUMB: Burgundy5.  GET IT ON: Tan Rose6.  WARM LEATHERETTE: Rich ...
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Stand Out or Lose Out
"You need to standout and have your own distinct identity,” says Michael Mok, Head of Merchandising at Joyce Boutique. For the third time, he will be a judge for the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC), and he urges a new wave of fashion designers to be bold and take risks to be an international success. "We want to find a Hong Kong designer that can represent the city on an international level and be the next Vivienne Tam.”Mok has been working at Joyce for the past 12 years, managing and stocking five Joyce Boutiques in Hong Kong and Greater China with brands across the globe that he felt had something progressive and new to offer to the fashion industry. So, it’s safe to say that he has an eye for spotting new talents that veer from short-lived trends and focus on the true essence of fashion design.                               Michael Mok, Head of Merchandising, Joyce Bo...
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Destruct to Construct
Aren’t we all used to living in the city? Take a look at the green and vivid nature being transformed into grey walls and glass curtains - all for the sake of urban development? Part of us has accepted such changes are inevitable in the progress of “civilization”, but we do miss fresh air and vibrant environment like the old times. The latest FASHIONALLY editorial puts fashion into the boundary between suburb and city, trying to interpret our feeling towards the destruction of nature in order to achieve construction of metropolis. Titled “Destruct to Construct”, the editorial reflects similarities in fashion and urban transformations by featuring 2017 F/W collections of 10 Hong Kong fashion labels. The shoot was set on a coast embankment not far from the city, with models displaying outfits that encapsulate destructed and constructed detailing - with resemblances to nature, and contrasts to the construction site - brining awareness to the environmental in...
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Nodels: “models” that reflect the fashion zeitgeist
Supermodels that walk major catwalks used to be identical: thin, tall and white. It was a status quo orchestrated by all the influential fashion houses, and as consumers, we never questioned it, because we too believed that those models reflected individuals we desired to be. That, however, is changing due to the democratisation of the fashion industry and the greater need for diversity in a globalised world. Now, fashion shows that only use white, young and extremely underweight models would be criticised for socially questionable motives that reinforce outdated stereotypes concerning race, gender and age. As a result, a new type of model has emerged onto the scene, the nodel – the awkward sounding buzzword meaning a non-model – who is taking the spotlight and disrupting preconceived notions of fashion and beauty. Nodels reflect the zeitgeist of the current youth, who value attitude, style, edge, uniqueness and ideology over conventional, pretty faces and vapid personalit...
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by Giorgio Arman
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    FASHIONALLY Presentation MODEMENT AW2018 Collection
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    FASHIONALLY Presentation HANG AW2018 Collection
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    FASHIONALLY Presentation DEMO. AW2018 Collection
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    FASHIONALLY Collection #11 highlight
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    YDC 2017 Behind the Scene
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    FASHIONALLY Collection #10
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    YDC 2017 Show Highlight
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    ete! x YDC limited edition footwear
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    FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #8 & #9 Behind The Scene
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    Yannes Wong - Lapeewee
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    Derek Chan, DEMO.
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    YDC 2016 (fashion show full version)
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    Mim Mak - HANG
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    Kevin Ho
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    Aries Sin, MODEMENT
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    YDC2016 Winners Announced
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    YDC2016 Behind-the-scene
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    YDC2016 Show Highlight
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    We Are Ready ! YDC 2016
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Kurt Ho
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Kevin Ho
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Aries Sin
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    HMV x YDC 2016 Capsule Collection Derek Chan
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    I'm Designer pop-up store
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    The Making of Fashionally Fashion Film #1
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    FASHIONALLY Fashion Film #1
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    FASHIONALLY Fashion Film #1 Official Trailer
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    fashionally 4.0
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    YDC 2015 After Show Party
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    YDC2015 highlight 2.0
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    YDC2015 Show Highlight
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    M.A.C. Makeup Demo - Ground Zero runway makeup
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    M.A.C. Makeup Demo - YDC 2015
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    'Talents Bouncing' by who ARE invited
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    FASHIONALLY Community Tutorial Video (Chinese)
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    香港電台 <香港衝線> 設計我的時裝路 2014-02-24
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    FASHIONALLY Community Tutorial Video (English)
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    Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014 Highlight
  • 49
    Ji Lili @ Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2014 - backstage highlight
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2014 - Highlight
  • 52
    Vivienne Westwood S/S 2014 Fashion Show
  • 53
    Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2014 Preview
  • 54
    SPY Henry Lau: Street Sophistication
  • 55
    Fashion in Blossom: Calla
  • 56
    Iberian by Design: Amaya Arzuaga
  • 57
    Luxury Dadaism: Masha Ma at Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza .
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    In Search of Fashion Genes
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    The HK Fashion Map
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    FASHIONALLY Collection Show #2
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    The HK Fashion Map teaser
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    FASHIONALLY Community (Englisht subtitle)
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    FASHIONALLY Community (SC subtitle)
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    YDC 2013 - FASHIONALLY design & community
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    The Making of - World Boutique, HK 2013 promotional images
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    YDC 2013 Backstage
  • 67
    YDC 2013 - Interview of designers
  • 68
    YDC2013 Aftershow Party highlight
  • 69
    YDC2013 Ex-Winner Interview
  • 70
    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2013 Highlight
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  • 72
    Aganovich: Modern Nomads
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    The designs of London’s Holly Fulton are set to dazzle at the 2013
  • 74
    Beijing Designer Zhang Chi
  • 75
    Johanna Ho: Hong Kong Design Edge
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    YDC x FASHIONALLY.com Exhibition
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  • 78
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    Interview with YDC 2012 Winners
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    Backstage with Janice Man @ Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer's Contest 2012
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    Highlight - Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2012
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    Highlight - Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2012
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    Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2012- backstage with finalists
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    Backstage Preview - YDC 2012
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