Fashion Hong Kong at CENTRESTAGE
2016 is a year of overflowing harvest for Hong Kong fashion - more and more local labels have been breaking out on an international level, and CENTRESTAGE, the new fashion brand promotion and launch platform ended on a high note in September. The four-day international fashion event attracted nearly 8,300 buyers from 71 countries and regions. As a highlight of CENTRESTAGE, the Fashion Hong Kong runway show presented by five Hong Kong designers brought an extravagant yet refreshing fashion perspective to the audience.Also curated and organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Fashion Hong Kong has been promoting Hong Kong fashion designers and labels worldwide by staging world-class runway shows in New York Fashion Week, Tokyo Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week since 2015. The “home game”, encapsulating a wide range of styles, did not disappoint: five designer...
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Fashion Giant Speaks: Federico Tan, social/capital
It was a privilege to have someone with as much industry insider know-how and experience as Federico Tan to judge this year’s Young Designers’ Contest . Tan is the Managing Director and Co-founder of the highly successful fashion marketing and communications agency social/capital that has worked with industry titans including, but not limited to: sacai, Balmain, Maison Margiela, Moynat, Kenzo, Emilio Pucci, The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Topshop, and Maison Kitsune. Tan has an astute business acumen and a hyper-awareness of what's going on in the fashion scene internationally and locally, making him more than qualified to assess the collections from this group of budding young designers. ‘The fellow judges and I were pleasantly surprised,’ says Tan. ‘There was a lot of thought put into the design and fabrications of each look. The designers know quality and...
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Interview with Jane Richardson of NARS
NARS, renowned international cosmetics brand, was the makeup partner of the inaugural CENTRESTAGE. The NARS team was responsible for creating makeup looks for the fashion shows during the event, including the much anticipated CENTRESTAGE ELITES and Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2016 (YDC).During the CENTRESTAGE ELITES makeup trial session, NARS International Lead makeup stylist Jane Richardson talked to FASHIONALLY about her evolution from entrepreneur to makeup artist, and what draws her to NARS.How did you become a makeup artist? What is your story?While training as a beauty therapist, I developed a passion for makeup. Unfortunately it wasn't yet an option as there were not yet a lot of makeup schools back then, or any that I could afford as an 18-year-old. So I continued with beauty therapy and started my own salon.Many years later, I realised there was still someth...
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Fashion Giant Speaks: Bonnie Lam, YOHO!
There is always a synergy between media and fashion industry. FASHIONALLY is here to give you an insider view from one of the judges of Young Fashion Designer’s Contest (YDC) 2016, Bonnie Lam, the Vice President of YOHO!. Targeting Post 90s young audience, YOHO! is a fashion oriented multimedia brand that promotes the trend in Hong Kong and the mainland China, with “Being young is an attitude” as its motto. “It has been over a decade since I joined fashion media industry. I believe that being young implies keeping up with the times. It applies to every industry. When it applies to fashion, being young is being bold and willing to try, wearing whatever you feel like and having your own style,” says Lam. YDC’s focus on young generation and showcase of novel Hong Kong fashion have proved its young DNA. As a result, YOHO! became YDC’s media partner ...
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Asian designers have been ascending the international fashion ladder along with the rise of Asian culture and trend. The CENTRESTAGE organised in Hong Kong this early September provided a novel platform that was perfect for buyers, media and fashion industry during the 4-day trade exhibition. As a highlight of the CENTRESTAGE, a major new fashion spectacular CENTRESTAGE ELITES, showcased the Spring/Summer 2017 collections from four rising stars in Asia, namely Mim Mak from Hong Kong, Simon Gao from Beijing, Ko Taeyong from Seoul and Pongsak Suprratccheep & Thita Kamonnetsawat from Bangkok. The glamorous event was held on 7 September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Nearly 1,000 guests attended the show, among them were John Tsang, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR, as well as social and fashion industry elites Mao Ji-hong and his wife, Louis Cheung, Nancy Wu, Mark L...
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